Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sisters and kids

My sisters and the kids at Mom's minus Riley who was skiing on this day! A bunch of kids to keep us on our toes!

50% Pottytrained!

Big week at our house...Mr Andrew has decided it is time to be potty trained and be an official big boy as he says. Biggest decision of the day for him is which big boy underwear to wear! It is a sweet success that has been a challenge and we are 50% done with the youngest 2. Katie has no desire as she would rather write her numbers...guess we can't win them all!

May is the month of many....many things going on. The lasts of everything as we move on to summer fun and new grades. I can't believe it is May...what does time feel like at 80 I wonder??? So I will post some pictures as we move through this fun but busy month!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Pictures and Spring

Finally a Friday where the sun is out, laundry is nearly done, NO wind which is huge this week and almost the weekend. I am finally getting to posting some pictures of Easter. Of course we had a lot but here are some of my family, one of my sisters as well as Grandma and Papa with grandkids.

I signed Brianna up for kindergarten today. Why does that day so pull at my heart strings...imagine when I leave her at college. I could see she was excited when we went to the classroom and all of its possibilities.

We planted a whole bunch of bulbs today...biggest helper Andy. One day he will be big enough to help turn all that dirt over. Today mostly flung the dirt in all directions and peoples eyes...causes some yelling by other little people. He loves to dig like me and plant. Fun to have each kid that likes a little of what I love.

Tomorrow is the day at the zoo with our adoption agency. So fun to see all the little ones newly home and like us not so newly home. Always good for all of us and a fun trip too!

Hope all of your worlds are sunny with new life all around us!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break

Brian's Birthday

Brian turned 34 two days ago! Kids are very excited for a birthday to come. We had a quite family celebration with Brian's choice of food. He is a wonderful father and husband. How lucky we all are! So happy birthday Brian Lee!

Brian ia 34!

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