Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December Daily Day 12-13

Day 12 was about my stack of books this month.  I had a goal to read 24 books this year and currently I am at 22 :)  We will see what I can get through in the next few weeks. Perhaps we will have a good snow storm that would help!
Our local library is complete with a book Christmas tree!  Can't think of a tree I would rather see or perhaps one day build in my own house!

Day 13 A band concert for Brianna and a special visit by my parents and niece, Ellie.  I was lucky to have her sit with me and listen to her cousin.  This little one rocks the world and the world has no idea what is coming as she grows up.  Love our local school music program and so proud of Bri playing for the first time this year!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

December Daily Day 10-11

A very special day in Denver with Mom and Katie. We were lucky to see the Moscow Ballet perform the Nutcracker. We went as part of an event for the Girl Scouts of Colorado.  

It was a beautiful ballet in an old theater with so much history.  The colors of the ballet were breathtaking and the Russian take on this popular story was super fun to see.  The best was being with these two wonderful ladies in my life.  We will long remember our time in Denver and spending the day together!

To give is better than to receive is something I really want my kids to learn.  How hard that is when my kids are blessed to have lives that are full and bellies that are not hungry. We know this is not true for all the kids we know and want to teach our kids to give more than anything. I want them to learn how it feels to give of what they have.  A trip with many of them to fill boxes always is an adventure.  We must be a site to see at the store!

Monday, December 11, 2017

December Daily Day 9

Day nine had to be about a photo session with nine grandkids and my parents.  These kids are simply amazing. There is no lack of personalities in this group. There are some leaders and some followers and most have their own opinions.  They do very well together and if they wanted to I believe they could take over us adults.  They fight hard for what they want and love each other deeply.

As with every group of kids there are those disagreements, but in a group of nine if you get tired of one just move on to the next. They seems to navigate to their one special buddy. So fun to see and experience!

December Daily Day 8

So many days this month the porch looks like this.  My two day crazy shopping "trip" resulted in many packages.  We still are continuing our plan of one gift to need, read, wear, and want for each of the kids. It seems to still add up with five kids.  I then proceed to take these boxes and put them in my closest. The clean out day is coming of sorting and wrapping:)

Every time I see these packages I wonder how my kids will shop as adults.  I could never have imagined at their age what this would look like or how fast we shop.  A sure sign of my time as a middle age adult.  

Friday, December 8, 2017

December Daily Day 7

Over the years the story of who hangs up our outside lights or if they even get hung up changes.  When your children are literally taller than you the job can certainly be given to them.  Brianna is the kid who drives this operation and Riley is good enough to listen to her directions.  This warm Colorado weather makes hanging up the lights a breeze and apparently can be done with no sleeves.  Grateful for big kids who contribute more each year to the decorating.

December Daily Day 6

The dance studio is a place that I have found peace in for as long as I can remember.  I remember the first dance studio I was in, the one where I went through those awkward teen years, and the one in college that I could dance until my heart was content. Young in my twenties found me in an amazing studio with my own opportunity to teach.  Thinking of the gift I was given by an amazing woman. She believed in me and my ability to teach. Now I teach in our small town in a local studio to girls who give me more than they every know.  I still love my time to take class and find myself in yet another studio with a teacher that loves adults.  What a gift this place is to me!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December Daily Dec 5th

Thinking about this group of kids who call me mom today.  A story of how the twenty year old Teri would have laughed at the thought of five kids.  Life is full of twists and turns and wonderful surprises.  One of the greatest surprises of my life is how much I love a big family and all that it entails.
I have my moments of frustration and overwhelm.  In the end though this was the path I was born to take. Those heels and a high rise job that I longed for were not part of my future. I do think every once in awhile about that dream I had especially on those days that I feel lost. It doesn't last and I go forward with these kids I love.

A little sewing on these pages turned out to be so much fun.  Day five done and my mind is spinning with stories...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December Daily Dec 4th

The decorating of the tree on a Sunday afternoon.  As the kids grow this isn't as popular of an activity as it used to be.  In the end though we were all there and worked together to put up the ornaments. 
I like looking at the ornaments and remembering the stories behind each one. The ones from when they were little.  The ones they hand made for us and the ones from travels of their grandparents.  All make up our memories as a family.  
A couple years ago we stopped putting our ornaments on the tree as it just gets too full.  One day though I imagine they will each start to take theirs and I will put mine back on. I am not looking forward to that day so for now after some coaxing we were all there on that afternoon.
There is still some wonder in this little man's eyes.  Thankful for that!

Monday, December 4, 2017

December Daily Dec 3rd

Time spent with my oldest.  A full day of just him and I starting at wrestling and then after heading to the mall to get his gift. This gift was out of my league as far as what he wanted and liked.  I am always so grateful for these moments that are one on one time for the kids.  This kid holds many roles in our life. Some hurt my heart because I know he has to be more sometimes than a fifteen year old should be. However,  I see his heart and his love of his siblings and I know these days will make him be an amazing man.
Telling my story one day at a time.  Love that!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

December Daily 12/2

A new ornament on the tree from our girls trip to see my aunt in Oregon.  So many memories in that little lighthouse. The greatest memories are spending time with my amazing aunt and having time with just my girls.  Thinking of the people who lived in these lighthouses and the stories they must have told!

My love of the beach runs deep and most of you have heard me say that.  Looking at the waves I could feel myself relax after a fall that was so complicated and busy.  There is just something for me with the power of the waves how they are non stop and yet consistent.  They don't worry about what is going on they just do their thing and keep coming in.  A good lesson for life. 

December Daily 12/1

December brings on my yearly scrapbooking project of capturing this month. Thinking about all the stories in our life. They make us who we are, what we believe, and how we feel.  Some are easy stories, some are hard.  They all equal life in this family of seven.

Tree cutting is a ritual in this house. I can't remember when we didn't go to the mountains to cut a tree. There were days with no babies to a time when our house, minds, and time are full.  Each year has with it a special memory.  
There have been moments of crying kids, "lame" trees, snow, sun, and all the parts that make up this adventure.  This years tree is one of the best that I can remember. It has a lot of branches which will soon be filled with memories!

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