Sunday, March 19, 2017

Project Life week 4- Quilting

One of my personal goals for 2017 is to learn to quilt at a basic level.  I would start January with some table runners for two special women.  

The first would be for my Mom. She is the person I love to give gifts to the most.  She loves receiving gifts so it works out well. The second was for a woman whose heart is hurting from the loss of a son.  I knew him well in my younger years and her pain hurts me deeply.  A special lunch on this week was the perfect time to give these table runners.

A week with normal in it too such as a fast game of tic tac toe with rocks. A favorite of Mr. Luke's.  

The truth is these are filled with a lot of mistakes.  Lots of learning to do this year.  Life is filled with a lot of learning also and paths to walk on that are hard. My current lesson for the week.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Project Life Week Three-Katie and Snow

On week three of the year we would celebrate Katie. She came home ten years ago this week in January.  She has filled our hearts in so many ways.  She has taught us so much with her personality that takes life as it comes.
The snow we had this week was much needed.  As I currently sit many weeks later our state is so very dry.  Praying we see this moisture again here soon.

Andy was on a traveling basketball team this winter. The goal of the team was to participate in tournaments rather than just games.  Brian and I took turns taking him to these events.  On this particular tournament Andy and I had some great one on one time.  Something that is so rare for a kid who is one of five.  Lots of good talks during the waiting times.

It does feel so good when it snows to get outside and shovel. Barely enough to cover the walk but we will take what we can get!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy 15th!

This little boy is not so little today.  He is fifteen and next week will be driving! He is a young man that we are so proud of and excited for what his future holds.  

When I look back on the last fifteen years some of them are fuzzy. Lots of kids that were little and so many changes.  One of the themes that has remained in his life is his love for his siblings.  Out my window the other day was all five of them playing football with him as the leader.

Family means something to this young man.  I am so grateful for that. Good friends surround him and this year I have seen him find mentors in life.  I am so lucky to be his Mom! Happy Birthday Riley!

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