Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ski Weekend

We just got back from Skiing-or at least part of us skied! Brianna and Riley got their chance to go with Daddy and his family on the slopes. Riley I hear just can't get enough and is a pretty good skier keeping right up with his Dad. Being 7 meant no soreness for today and being 33 meant soreness! Brianna skiied half a day and did very well too. Too cute they for me and the little ones we went and ate donuts and played at the park in the snow! Then time to swim and play. We are all tired today but had a fun weekend:0)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Katie 3 years home!

Our big girl Miss Katie has been home 3 years now! Amazing how time goes and how many blessing she has brought us!

Mid January

Mid Jan finds us back in the routine of things. Trying very hard this year to uncomplicate our lives as much as possible! Will never happen completely but a little change is better than none. Sat we celebrated Katie's 3 year family day of the day she came home to us. It it unbelievable that time has passed like that. Still has the same great smile!

My heart is so heavy with the news from Haiti. I would think each person concentrates on different parts of the tragedy for me of course the orphans. I heard last night 380,000 orphans enough to boggle ones mind and tug at ones heart strings.

Miss Railyn our niece sitting so pretty...she is getting so big so fast! Then we have Miss Brianna enjoying our new greenhouse! Our plan to grow what we eat veggie wise...may good things grow!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Brian's surprise

For those of you who know us not a word that describes Brian and I well. We love each other dearly and will for life but really you are talking about an accountant and a banker so romantic is not usually in our makeup. The weekend after Christmas Brian got me good though. I was told we were going out to eat downtown Denver and wear something nice. I did. When we got to this very old hotel we walked in and I thought that sure looks like my sister and her husband and wouldn't you know it was them. 1st surprise. Then we went to dinner and the waiter asked if we had to be done at a certain time and Brian said yes that we were going to a show! Which show was he talking about? He had gotten tickets to the "Little House in the Prairie" musical with MELISSA GILBERT as Ma. As a little girl I LOVED Little house, ok maybe I still do:) and it made me cry I couldn't believe he had done all of this. So the 4 of us then headed to the show. SO very good. I loved every minute of it. There was one last surprise for Michelle and I and that was the guys had gotten us rooms to stay downtown Denver. It was overwhelming. What a wonderful night. They say your wedding night is the best...I say they are wrong this was the best and how lucky am I to have Brian. I never thought in a million years about something like this. He got me good and he knew it:)

Fun in the snow!

Fun snow pictures...apparently Santa wasn't too sure what size of gloves Katie wears...This is Brianna and her friend Lauren. These girls have know each other since they were lucky we are to have moved away and retain friendships!


Happy Belated New Year!

2010 has come and after almost 3 weeks of Christmas break and all that came with that we are back to life. Riley just went back to school yesterday and he was very ready. We had a good Christmas and made lots of memories for the kids. Went to both sides of the family and had some good family time at home too.

I had meant to post earlier but it just so happens that when I went to download pictures I figured out my memory card is not working. So just like the old days we must now remember what Christmas looked like as I can't get that memory card recovered. I love technology but every once in awhile I don't love it!

We had the fun time of going to see our good friends from Palisade last weekend. Always so much fun. There was tons of snow where we went. We even got a little park time in the snow!
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