Monday, October 27, 2008

Making Cookies is Fun but Frosting is Better!

Time for Pumpkin Carving

Daddy and his many pumpkin helpers!


During Brian's trip to China they had an opportunity to get many pictures of Andrew and his Nanny. Until this point I have kind of kept them away as we have worked on becoming Andy's parents . Of course this may take many years before he completely trusts us, especially me since he seems to resist me more. The other day I felt it was time to take those pictures out and share them with him. I put one of him and his Nanny in a frame and he melted my heart when he saw it. He would point to her and kiss the frame over and over. He also wanted Brian and I to kiss the woman who was his Mom for the first two years of his life. Brian said he felt that this was a completing the circle moment for Andy as he saw her again. So now the frame sits within his reach and he does love to love that picture. I think of her often and the connections we have over this little boy we both so love!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Niece is 2!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Patience has become a daily word in my vocabulary. It is something that I pray for at least once if not many times a day. Andy it seems has regressed as we go through the many changes that have happened to him in life. He seemed so very close to bonding with me but that seems to have disappeared for the time being. I would always tell people that adopting a SN child who is older is one of the four joys in our lives, and I would do it many times over if we had the means and everlasting energy. I would be honest to say that as a mother when Andy is thrashing around in his crib at night and there is no way that he will let me comfort him is one of the hardest parts of my mothering. I know that we will go through these phases and the tides will change. Brian and I both feel the demands of four children but we also feel the joys and knowing that we are so very blessed. My heart does ache for this little boy because the world sees him in a better place but I know that the pain of loss runs deep, and throughout his life we will deal with it on different levels. I know that nothing in life is easy and really adopting Andy has taught me this on a deeper level . This is where my patience must expand as we work through the pain that is still very raw in him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brian and I only currently have one niece and one nephew and they happen to be born three days apart so Oct is fun and busy for us! We started out this last weekend at nephews Sam's 1st birthday. It is so much fun being able to be part of their celebrations and seeing his so precious little face. We call him our Gerber baby.

Riley is on fall break and I am enjoying having him home for awhile!! Brianna and I had a moment the other night that made me even more understand how important it is to take the time to have individual moments with each of the kids. We for the first time in our lives had back to back ballet classes, she would dance first and then I would have my class. What a moment in my life. She told me so was so glad to be with me and "none of those babies"! Don't get me wrong she loves them, but she had a chance to have my undivided attention and it was awesome to hear the way she communicated with me.

Birthday Fun

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Andy said MAMA!!!

Last night as we were reading books Andy said Mama and has repeated it today so we are calling it the real thing!! My heart melted as we continue to make that Mom and Son bond. He is starting to say a lot and we hear Katie mimicking him! Riley and Brianna said Dada first and Katie and Andy said Mama!! I am thinking once Andy has surgery and his mouth starts to heal we are going to get an earful from him and Katie I believe will follow quickly!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Time

We try as a family to have family time once a week where we read from the Bible and then do an activity. This week it was making a volcano out of flour and as surprising as it was it actually worked and the kids loved it. The messier the better!

Boy Scout

Riley was so proud to wear his boy scout shirt! I had sewn the patches on which concerned him since he knows that is not my strength. So great to see him so excited over this activity!


Andy and I have taken huge leaps in our relationship. As of last week he has actually wanted me over his Dad and on Sat when I left for a day of scrapbooking he actually cried for me! I can remember the day when Katie did the same thing. It is one of the things that as both and adoptive and biological parent you don't realize how you take that bond for granted without understanding how and when it happened. Andy has now taught Katie to say "NO" so we officially have two two year olds who say "No" to everything. Riley and Brianna are spending their time focusing on Halloween and the activities of that day. Life is never dull! I have spent a great part of the summer putting away food to feed this group throughout the winter and it seems winter is almost here as it is to freeze soon! I sure will miss summer:)
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