Sunday, February 20, 2011

My cousin

Febuary has been a month of grief and loss in our family. My cousin and Godfather passed away this month after a long fight with cancer. He fought it to the bitter end and had many years of living in these past years. He was 50 years old way to young and with that comes many questions of why. He farmed my grandparents land and loved it out there. I figure God needed a farmer to help him out. He loved farm work and his family. Their raw pain is very hard to see. He left a hug imprint on this earth which was shown by all who came to his memorial. For me personally he was one of those people in my childhood who made me feel special. He took his role as my Godfather seriously, then again that is a common trait him and I shared was being very serious:) He and I along with my sister shared the same birthday. That was three first cousins all on the same day. That is a day I am dreading but believe he is in heaven and pain free at last. It is best to remember how people lived and he lived as God would want us to. We will always miss you.
It has been a very busy month and we are trying to catch up. The kids are busy at school and after weeks of snow days and late starts we are trying to get it all back together. I don't think winter is done but it sure does feel like the days to start looking at seed catalogs. I am busy teaching ballet dances for our annual performance and for the first time figuring out costumes for all those little bodies. Friday all four of them went to the dentist. Now that is a time to be had. Crazy trying to figure how who needs what and where we are all at. Good new we all got a clean bill of teeth health!:) A windy and cold weekend but a chance to do what needed to be done and a little of what we want to get done!

Catching up

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moment so Jan
Feb here already...where did Jan go. It was a quite month really but then again is it really ever quite here? We were glad to get into routine and even got a couple of snow storms. Today in fact it is freezing outside. Figures since we just planted seeds in the greenhouse. Can't help it last week it was in the 60's here! Kids played outside without socks or shoes. Katie has a serious dislike for socks:) Riley is busy working on his first science fair experiment. Wanted to build a flying car but that was more than his Mom's mind could help him figure out so he will need to do that in the coming years. Big kids went skiing for the first time this year. Now it is back in there blood it seems there will be a couple more trips to come. My sister took me to a ballet for my Christmas present. How fun is that to just be sisters for a night. We almost forgot what it felt like to be together just the two of us. It will be a night I will treasure!

On to the month of love and of course Chinese New Year!
My Sister Tam and I.
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