Sunday, November 30, 2008

We are on our way!

Here is one more look at our boy as we know him. When we started this adoption they labled Andy as Special needs but that could not be more of an incorrect name for him. He was born with a lip and palate that is not closed but he is full of energy, life and a lot of spunk. Tomorrow he will have surgery that will lead to some trying times I am sure. This surgery is necessary to help him speak which he wants to do so much. It will also help him to look "normal" which really is an overused word as none of us are really normal:) I have had this strong desire to take many pictures of him. For those of you who know me I have tons already. It seems like we will come home with a new looking Andy. My heart, and maybe his someday, will want to see the boy and the picture I feel in love with. So on to our next journey.

Winter Day

For Thanksgiving weekend we had some snow. Riley and this year Brianna have been
out there almost all day. It took us 45 min to get everyone ready to go out. Katie and Andy were not liking those snow pants and Andy is going to have to learn to wear a hat. It was a fun stay at home day after a week of continuous travel. One more day until we leave for the hospital....more to come:)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mom's little helpers!

We heard from the hospital the other day and Andy's surgery will be on Dec 2nd at 7:45 am. He will be in the hospital until Thurs assuming all goes well which we pray for. Feels a little crazy now as I think of getting everyone ready for Mom being gone as well as what Andy and I need for the hospital. This week we are concentrating on our first Thanksgiving as a complete family. We will be with Brian's family on Thurs but today we are having friends for our Thanksgiving at home. All of my little helpers have helped in their own ways. We have so much to be thankful for may we learn to share a little more each day of our lives.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What is 6 + 7+25?

This was the question asked by Riley as he was putting on his shoes for school today. I didn't think much about it until we walked out to wait for the bus. At this time he told me this was his calculation about how many more days until Christmas. I pointed out that we first needed to make it through Thanksgiving but that seems like a day that is a mere inconvenience in his ultimate goal! I hadn't given it much thought although I am busy trying to get a lot of "Dec" jobs done so we can hopefully have a quite Dec and let Andy heal with some sense of peace. He will go for surgery two weeks from tomorrow. We don't know the details but I suspect we will hear from the hospital soon. I look at his smile and think how it will change soon. I will know it is what we need to do but I will miss the way he came home to us!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Red Thread Run

Red Thread Run

Our adoption agency held its yearly RED THREAD RUN this Sat. I do a lot of runs throughout the year but this one is always my favorite and closest to my heart. It is about adoption and the Chinese belief that a red thread runs to connect people who are destined to be together. It was a beautiful day and the kids all had a great time. Riley did the kids run! My family was there and did the walk part with Brian and our kids. These adoption events are so refreshing to me as our story in no way needs to be asked about and we can be our blended family freely. It was fun this year as we had both Katie and Andy home. The past too years we had been waiting either for referrals or the various dates that adoptive families long for.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Energy is a funny thing with me. I am the person who goes and goes and rarely stops...drives my family crazy. When Andy came to our family I meet my match! The orphanage told us he was the busiest boy they had and they were not kidding! The only time of the day he lays still is when he sleeps and he does that well as his little body recharges! I used to never think "I am tired" and now every once in awhile about 4:30 pm I stop for a minute to think I am tired, but the moment is fast as I resume watching of my four sweet children. Adoption is a path so perfectly designed as these children are not mine by DNA but they are mine by my heart. It is funny how sometimes our personalities can be so much alike! Andy is less than a month away from surgery. This will be an interesting time and those arm restraints, well we all know how he will hate those! Andy has been home for 4 months now and I am amazed how it feels like he has been with us forever...I must run more miles to keep up with him:)

Monday, November 3, 2008


Two Years ago when Brian and I decided to move to the Eastern Slope of Colorado we left our dear friends on the Western Side. This has always been hard for me as we miss them very much..but this weekend we meet half way and just caught up. They also got to meet Mr Andy for the first time! The weekend was super busy with Halloween and our trip but SO worth it all. I am amazed how our kids just pick up as they have never been apart and how blessed we are to have them in our lives!


All Dressed up and ready to go for Halloween! Andy was exhausted after this weekend. Not too sure about this American tradition.
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