Friday, August 26, 2016

Soaking up summer

Summer is coming to a close but there are so many photos I still want to share.  I saw yellow leaves for the first time today and the kids are back in school.  Sports have started and the sheer craziness of fall.  Our summer was filled with lots of events but my favorite will always be the simple times at home. I love that Bri is twelve but still loves just being a kid in some ways.

I guess when you are kid number five you jump from the tricycle to the big boy bike all in one day?  No fear or the others may call you a baby?  This little one is growing and changing daily.  He loves to be outside with his siblings and they are truly his source of joy!

We have a road by our house that rarely has cars. It is great place to play and ride bikes.  This of course only lasts for awhile as the big kids like to explore and go on long rides.  Thankful for space to play and soak up summer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

10 years old!

Last Friday we celebrated having two birthdays in our house. Andy and Katie become double digits at 10!  It was a day full of celebrations, cousins, and pool time.  

These two are growing so fast.  They are such opposite kids and each bring unique perspectives of the world to our home. 

My love for this young man is huge.  He has a personality that draws people in.  He is full of questions and wonders about the world around him. His request for his birthday was to get his own turtle.  He has a new friend in a tank in his room.

Katie has a huge part of my heart.  I talk her language of books and the love of quiet.  She has a beautiful smile that warms those around her.  Katie's request for her birthday was a camera.  Oh my dear girl you are really speaking to my heart!

Happy Birthday Katie and Andy you are so loved!

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