Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ski Bums

Skiing and the Flu

Brian got some time to share his love of skiing with his big kids. They both seem to really like it and have expressed interest in going again. I can just picture those two as ski bums in their teens! As for the rest of us left at home we got to experience the flu and 5 days later some still are having that experience. Poor Miss Katie has taken the worst of it and just can't seem to shake this bug. Andy, however, as of today in his constant motion is seeming to avoid all of this. I think he just may move to fast to catch it. I wish I had more exciting events to write about but for now it is keeping up with laundry and once again being reminded that I am not truly a nurse. I guess we can all strive to better:)

Tough Guy Andy

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Princess and her little man

Most days at our house "little people " are dressed like this ! This outfit of Brianna's though was dug up from many years back. I wore this in a ballet so many years ago I can't remember. It is funny to see my daughter now just loving it. So the point is you just never know what may come full circle in your life. Andy of course can't miss a chance to be in the picture! He has learned so fast the camera etiquette of our house!

The Princess Doing her Job

I am totally aware I should not have posted this picture but I could not resist. Katie has worn this crown for the last two days starting at church yesterday. Her Dad didn't think that was wise of me to let it happen but oh well! And today I caught her doing her thing and being royalty all at once!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Katie Arrival Day-In Korea and Today

Arrival Day of Katie 2 years Ago

Two years ago, tomorrow at noon ,Miss Katie joined out family. I remember that day and the way my legs felt as we waited to see her for the first time. They handed us a very happy little girl. She never hardly cried and it seemed we could not hold and kiss her enough. She came to us with a hair that stood up on end! I remember my sister and I took Katie to change her. This was a moment I had waited for as I picked out a special outfit for her to wear home. Brian and I decided to have her escorted home from Korea. This is a decision that was very wrong and one we regret. We are going to do right and go to see Korea and thank her foster Mom in the proper way as she deserves. Two years later Katie is a doll. She is one of our most quite kids and yet has an opinion when she needs it. She is my shadow and in all respects of the word has completely attached to me! That was the day when my legs were shaking as I saw Katie for the first time. She is as beautiful as the country she came from. Those that loved her so much had to make the hardest decision one could face. We love you our sweet daughter.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Riley went on his first ice fishing trip with his Dad and Papa this weekend. He LOVED it. We had a lot of snow the day before but this day was nice and sunny for them. No fish were caught but that seems is just a bonus!:)

He will head back to school tomorrow after three weeks off. He is ready for structure and challenges that school provides. Life will resume as normal as we all get into our familiar routines.

Ice fishin'

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year

The tree is down, presents have been played with, some of the kids are back in school and there is a sense of normalises returning to this house. I could not believe at the end of the Christmas season how tired I really was as I looked back over all we did in Dec. Andy is healing so well and we are entering the new phase with speech therapy starting soon. He is back to chewing on his bears which enables us to get a little more sleep. It will be a first year that we are neither pregnant or waiting for a child to come home. Kind of a weird feeling to me. I know this year will have many changes in it again as we all grow a little older and wiser! Even though it is 6 days late Happy New Year from the Prichards!
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