Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A group of girls

“Cousins by chance, friends by choice.” ~ Proverb 
These four girls love to be together. The secrets they must have  are ones I am sure we will not hear until years later when they are older.  My hope for these girls is that they remain friends as they grow and change.  Life takes us all in different directions but for now they regard each other as some of their closest friends.   

Little by Little

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A capture of March in photos

Here is a little about us from the viewpoint of a lens for the month of March.

A month of school projects, great books with fabulous yarn, always working on our reading, and started a 100 day read for library.

There are a lot of birthdays this month.  Some became teenagers and some turned the wonderful age of four.

There are crafts for all ages, trips to our Grandparents to make memories, and our first dinner outside.

A trip to the library for American Girl Tea, time to play with all our cars, celebrating a wonderful man, and time with a special niece.

There was a quick knit for a little friend, derby races, and science fair volcanos. 

The best news is spring is here. There are shorts being worn, painting outside, planting those peas right in a row, and the color green is coming through the yard that has been sleeping these past months.

My 365 day project is going well and it so helps having a group to be accountable to.  Love seeing our life through my camera!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break Memories

Spring Break is over but there were memories made last week.  We went to the Sand Dunes with cousins and it was very windy.  I do believe that when you are a kid it really doesn't matter. As I looked through photos I saw a lot of smiles that came without a regard to the weather of the day.

The water was amazing this year. All the snow of the year made a great runoff to play in.

It was this little lady's first trip to the dunes.  Is there anything more cute than a baby playing in the sand?  Her cousins were so very nice and loaded her pockets up with sand!

I caught Mom up on the dunes with the kids. It was a jumping contest and it looks like the kids were getting Grandma to participate.  

I know it wasn't the best weather for this trip but I still love it there.  Sand and water are my favorite combination.  Summer is coming, and although plans are not set yet, I am hoping it involves some time at a beach. 

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