Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prichard Happenings

Fall came fast with a lot of acitivty around here!  A season of soccer is in the works...three of four playing!

Riley loves this game...and plays so hard!

Fall comes and I become a squirrel.  Trying to squeeze in the last minute canning.  Peaches from Palisade are a family favorite. Palisade was our first home as a married couple. I have to say these hold a special place in my heart. Our marriage grew in the early years right next to peach trees of Palisade.

Andy is my helper. Brian calls us the farmers around here!

A fast chance to enjoy the beauty of fall.  A calming moment!

The kids ready for "Purple" day at school.  They do make my life crazy busy but what they give back is more than life itself.  How happy they look...and no life it not like that all the time...but on a whole we are living life as full as we can!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Weekend Away

A weekend away with the whole family...Grandma with her whole crew!  We were so lucky to stay in the mountains and just enjoy each other.

My two sisters just hanging out. My amazing friends!

Aunt Teri and Railyn on our "hike"  She loves her Mommy but I stole her for awhile!

Our newphew Sam so reminds me of "Woody" in Toy Story in his favorite hat!

Our own personal pool for the weekend...they swam and swam!

Railyn Michelle-what a doll and the baby of the family!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Andy....couldn't get this to post earlier...but one could not leave out Mr. Cool!


For the past week I have been thinking about these shoes.  These are Miss Bri's sparkle shoes.  Apparently these are the "hot" item of the year as I find myself looking at the ground as I walk through the school. Lucky for Bri she has a Grandma who was willing to indulge her:)  So I was thinking about what was popular when I was in first grade? I don't know...can I even remember 1st grade...very little if at all. I remember fads later on...after all Michael Jackson did hit the scene at 5th grade.  It is just funny to think of these shoes that she so treasures and realize that in years to come she just may hardly remember them!  So just a thought after apparently walking too much with my head down at school....

Hot times

It is hot so on an afternoon waiting for the bus it was time to run through the sprinklers.  Even though school is on it still feels like time to play. 

Miss Kate even liked the water better than her bro Andy. Very unusal.  We have just made it through two weeks of Brian being gone for school. Tomorrow we will pick him up and we will all be glad to see a new face. 
Time to capture some pictures of Bri and Riley, you can tell they are gone more now. 

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