Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Armed Bandit

Riley Lynn has become our one armed bandit. He broke his thumb during a soccer game and is in a cast for the time being. He is amazing with it as he learns to do everything left handed. The sad side was that he had to miss his last 3 soccer games which he loved but that is the way it is. As Riley handles everything he is taking this in stride!


Ballet has started again this month and this is Katie's first time taking ballet. She is just a doll in class. I love to look at her as she always has a smile on during class. They are a bunch of cutie little girls that is for sure. She could not wait until soccer ended for ballet to start! A girl after my own heart!


I couldn't resist posting this picture of Andy. He has been running around in these glasses the past could of days. Says he is a bad guy in these???? Not so sure about that but nevertheless it makes me laugh when I see him.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mr Getting Bigger

Andrew Xiao Tong has turned a big corner this month! He is starting to become a big boy and doing really well in school. This wasn't or hasn't been easy but all the sudden it just clicks..no more tears as I say goodbye and he is really listening to those letters coming out of his mouth. Even likes to play with Katie now and seem to be best of buds!


Not sure I can explain this photo except this is our Brianna. She is the one who will more than likely turn all my hair grey or maybe make it fall out but at the same time be the one to buy me a wig! She loves to be silly and here she is in kindergarten enjoying her first big time school party.

Halloween and Dad

When Dad is home without Mom it is good times ahead! Brian spent one Sat creating carboard projects with the kids. Riley ended up with his knight costume and everyone else got crowns, swords, and binoculars. Now this made Brian very cool however Riley said they were not only creating they were recycling...they get that from me!:)

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