Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow day and Riley couldn't wait to shovel! He loves that cold and worked really hard. For the playoffs we let them eat in the living room. Big deal at our house. They thought it was so fun. We all pick our teams and whoever wins picks out what we eat for dinner one night...if I win we eat out!!


2011 and my first post how sad:) We have spent the month trying to get into the swing of things. With snow days late starts and a long Christmas vacation it hasn't been easy but here we are. Looking like a regular week of school and schedules. Loved the break with them, we did a lot and saw a lot of people. Ate and cooked and basically had a nice break with great weather.

As you know kids say great things but one of the top of my head was Katie. When asked about the music she likes she told me she likes only good music like you know " Carrie Underwood". We didn't even know she knew this..but you can tell she is with me most or she would have said KOA sports talk if her Dad was here all day:)

Looking forward to 2011 and all it brings.

Four Years Ago

Four Years ago today Katie came home to be with us. Many memories have happened and we have all grown and aged. Ok so the kids pointed out the last as we watched the movie of her coming home day! She has blessed us in so many ways from her classic smile to her easy going ways. Thank goodness for that. She is all about art and music and you can just feel her artistic ways as you look at her art desk. To me as I have always said my heart and emotions were the same in adoption and birth both of which are overwhelming and beyond what words can say. She is our little lady and we love her!
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