Saturday, April 30, 2016

Coast Bound Oregon Part III

After some time in Salem we would head to the coast.  It was raining and cold on the first day but we were blessed with sunshine by the second day.  I have decided that for me, rain or shine, the ocean is my favorite place to be.  

It was necessary to wear our winter coats and hats, but our toes must touch the sand.  

My love of photography was electrified with all the sites around me. The stories of these boats, the fishermen we saw, and the sheer hard work it takes to bring in that fresh seafood each day.  

We headed down to see the seals; talk about some loud creatures.  They are only on this part of the coast for certain parts of the year.  There were many quaint little shops around this area.  A few gifts for some of our favorite kids were bought.

I had visited this beach as a little girl then again during my college years.  I came years ago when I was first pregnant and the dreams of being a mom were coming quickly.  My aunt and this beach hold a special place in my heart.

I learned to knit some years ago.  One of my favorite parts of seeing my aunt is our time of knitting and drinking tea.  My sisters and I talked on this night about many different parts of life.  The storm was raging outside and you could smell the salt in the air from the ocean. It really was a perfect night!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Oregon Part One

Awhile back my heart started longing for Oregon to see my aunt.  I feel very blessed that it could work out for my sisters and I to make this trip together. Oregon is filled with so much that is beautiful!  

On our first day we visited the Salem carousel. Each of the horses has a special story behind them.  They were each sponsored and have their own stories written. The artwork is hand painted on each horse.

All three of us girls had been to Aunt Billie's at various times in our lives. She has a wonderful place that is filled with books, knitting, and scrapbooks.  A perfect place to be!

We spent the first part of our trip catching up. Talking about some favorite shows that we have watched, books we have read, and sharing about our families and lives back in Colorado.

The next day we headed to the coast.  My heart is in the ocean...more to come of our amazing trip!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Four Months Home

Last week Riley ended up getting strep throat so was home with us for a couple of days.  He was more sick than I had recently seen him. As the medication started to work his little buddy was sure to be at his side.

Four months ago I saw almost this same photo through my lens.  We had just gotten Luke and he loved Riley to hold him.  Fast forward these months and they still have a special bond.  

This little ones smile is contagious.  He is full of life and love.  He is starting to use more words each day and I love the way he fills in the blanks with Korean words. I know there are still those moments of grief and frustration.  Overall I am amazed at how far he has come and what a strong little boy he is. Thankful also for big brothers who love him.

April (Snow) showers

April snow showers lead to a lot of family time this weekend.   Our weekend full of plans did not happen.  In some ways it felt great! Saturday we watched from the inside it snow and on Sunday it was time to get out and play.
It is always a first priority to get the trampoline cleaned off.  The snow was so very wet that it was great to build with.  

My lilac bush is getting set to bloom even with all the snow surrounding it.  I am so ready for spring and to put away all these winter clothes. I am sure no one in my family agrees!  

A little work out for the oldest.  Eventually it would take all four children to push this huge snowball.  

Andrew built his own snowman before helping with the large one. I am pretty sure he was eating a bit of the snow as he went along.  My greenhouse survived the cold I do believe.  I did find a mouse in the greenhouse this weekend.  He has been the one who is eating all my little seedlings it seems. 

It always feels good to see them working as a team!

More snow is falling today making me thankful for much needed moisture!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Andy's favorite reading partner is definitely Brian.  If given a choice this is who he wants to have read with him.  I tend to be a fast reader and think this doesn't always work well as we work together on our reading skills.  I am an avid reader and am always reading at least one book or two. Having a child who needed a little bit more on this subject has been tough.  It has made me see the world in a different way.  I can't say it has not come without tears, frustration, and sometimes feelings of such loss. There are also those moments of sweet success.  For the past three months we have worked on a new reading program.   When I think back to this young man of mine he came home not talking.  Then there was the cleft lip and palette work and finally quit a few years of speech.  As with all things in life and my humanness the game of comparison can creep into our life and home.  It is always my goal to see each kid as who they are. To recognize how far each of them has come in their own life with their strengths and weaknesses.  

Friday, April 8, 2016


There has been a lot of creative play in our yard these days.  Katie and Andy spent a lot of time building a tepee with sticks and sheets.  Once it was all built they found their little brother and all settled in for some time to play.

As I took some photos of their new home there were conversations happening about who was going to take care of which chores.  Sounds familiar...wonder where they have heard those conversations?:)

These kids shoes also made me giggle. They truly wear whatever they can find to play in.  It really doesn't need to fit at all it seems.  We are headed into another warm weekend.  Time for me to plant some more early crops in the garden and watch what my kids come up with next to do.

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