Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candy Apples

For some reason I had a desire to make candy apples with the kids.  They all had a ball making them and we had carmel everywhere.  I thought it was funny they were ok with their apples not being completely covered:)

Just a little tasting for Katie!

Those spoons are just irresistible says Miss Bri.

The finished product.  We all decided these apples were more fun to make than to eat!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Our first snow storm of the year...Andy could not wait to be out there.  He played and played.  When we got Andy this dog I wasn't so sure but seeing them playing out there today reinforced that we made the right decision.


I finally got him to sit for minute.  Flip flops yesterday...snow today equals Colorado!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nephew Time

Our nephew Sam came to visit. We were all excited!  So this morning when everyone was at school for awhile him and I headed to the lake for some photos.  It had turned very cold up there and he was tired of Aunt Teri but we did get some shots!

I know Sam and I both wish I could be a little faster at getting these!!

I love this one...what a cutie he is!

This is our Kenny Chesney shot! 

Sam had just turned 4 and loved his new hat he received for his birthday!

After we were all done and cold we went to the cafe for some very yummy cinnamon rolls!!! Loved this one on one time with Sammy!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


It was time. The weather has turned and even though a deep frost was not to happen it was time to gather everything in from the garden.  So my crew and I got to nice to have eight hands to help.  They all worked very diligently...and how fun to pick those green tomatoes that I had been on them all summer about NOT picking:)

So the garden is mostly gone to bed for the winter minus our potatoes and carrots...we will save them for another day.  I will miss the garden and all it gives us..easy meals and a place to find peace.  Andy (my main gardener) and I will be ready with seeds soon enough!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Throughout the summer I do a lot of canning...and for the most part love it...not so much with applesauce.  Of course it is one of our favorites in the year so it was time to make some this year.

So I enlisted some help this year...and for the most part they did a lot of helping.

After all they all love to eat all those peels that come off and then dry the rest for later snacks!

I have to say I am glad applesauce is done but when the snow flies how good it will taste.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple Day

Apple Day in the town where I grew up...

It was my kids turn to ride in my Dad's Model A in the parade with him.

After a wait it was our turn.  Don't blink or it would be over...but we all loved it...with a free apple along the way.

I love this part of the car...a rusted pin showing a little town where much family history happened.

American Pride

Apple Day is a social event where I grew up.  This year there was a big freeze which took away the apple crop but never the less a day to celebrate.  We felt so privledged that Dad had wanted us to ride with him this year.  I remember riding with my Grandfather so wanted the same for my kdis.  They were a tired group of kids and enjoyed a hanging out time with Grandma. 
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