Thursday, July 15, 2010

Co Vacation

Hiking in Ouray was so much fun! They all did very well. This was at the last waterfall that we hiked to!
Brianna and Riley with the friends they have known from the time they were born. They always have so much fun playing and just take over where they left off!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Time for family vacation.

This year a trip around CO. They kept advertising a Staycation so that is what we decided to do. Now on our second night in Ouray our children are finally asleep. It is beautiful down here and a very fun little town to be in. Came here years ago for our 1st anniversary and many times after to visit. We took the kids swimming in the hot springs for a long time today. Perfect temp and just the right height for the little ones to touch. Loved that! Bunch of fish we have on our hands. Then a late dinner and now some sleep before hiking.

To say it has been easy so far would be a lie. 6 of us in a room with all trying to go to sleep and Brian and I not really liking 8 bedtime has been tough to adjust to but better today. Thought I was loosing my mind yesterday. They had come off some big events so just needed some fun in the sun to wear them out! I do have to say they are pretty cute as they sleep and dream of the mountains and water!

CO Vacation

Monday, July 5, 2010

Brianna turned 6 on Friday. We had a full weekend of birthday celebrations and Brianna loved to shine in her moment the whole time. Brianna is amazing and we love her overflowing personality. If you are feeling short on hugs she is always ready and needs a lot of lovin in a day. When asked what she wanted to do for her party right away she said she wanted it at her Aunt Tam and Uncle Shane's house. It was pretty cute and they lived up to all her expectations. Brianna on her birthday wanted to know if it hurt to have a baby...well what could I say! Kind of funny though she told me it doesn't matter as she is going to adopt all her kids! Ok so all those hugs will be put to good use!

Brianna tuns 6

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