Monday, September 14, 2015

A new 3 year old that we wil meet next month!

Yesterday our little boy in Korea turned three.  It seemed like we needed to celebrate someway here for him.  We have now found out that we will be traveling to Korea the end of October.  It is hard to miss your childs birthday.  We will have some catching up to do on that subject.  We are all so very excited to meet him.  

The girls wanted to make the cake.  I am sure there will be a lot more "making" once he is home!  Home and a three year old again. Hang on we are in for some change!

Had to have a photo of someone with the cake. I took whoever would agree to another photo.

Starting to look through clothes for him.  The little shoes that I love.  Can't wait to see those little toes that will fit in them and the personailty that will be who he is.  You learn to love a photo. It doesn't talk, laugh, cry, or become upset.  Soon though it becomes real and I am SO ready!  Lots to do before then and then I will kiss this new three year old!

Friday, September 11, 2015

August 365 Project

Still working on my 365 day project.  Love how it makes me think outside the box.
-Trip to a craft show with friends...does life get any better?
-My sweet third grader loving the last days of summer
-A new treasure for my living room...loving it!
-A hug from my eigth that he still gives me hugs
-My garden...hang on don't freeze for a long time
-Canning...thinking of those winter days
-A photo of me...picking time

-My favorite photo from August
-So many kites on the beach this year
-Pool time on vacation
-Apparently I forgot to sunblock my stomach!
-Oh this red truck...LOVE
-My new nine year old and his birthday gift

-Fingernail painting poor tile
-A tea from a friend...homemade!
-My thirteen year old has bigger running shoes than me
-Po...Andy's  best friend
-Pool time!
-Perfect fifth

-Waterworld with all eight cousins
-A view on one of my many drives

-Some carnival rides to celebrate a birthday
-Oh my sweet niece...beautiful blue eyes
-A Happy huge day closer to Korea
-Back to school...summer was too fast
-Soaking up those last rays at the pool

On to September...lots more to come!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tractor time!

Every photo session I do holds a special place in my heart. Some are planned and some are spontanious.  This was one of those for a friend whose Dad was turning ninety.  He was a farmer and had raised his kids on a tractor out working for him.  I have watched this friend on her tractor and my country loving soul could not resist the chance to take some photos for her Dad.

She too is a photographer, but every once in awhile those of us who are behind the lens needs to be in some shots. 

I know the values her Dad taught her are part of who she is to our community.  It was hot this day, the sun was high, but after all isn't this the time of day when I farmer works.  

What can I say about this one! I love a good hat!!! 

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