Tuesday, May 24, 2016

An almost complete season

The month of May is flying by. So many places to be, events to attend, and jobs to do. It is also a season of change.  This week our oldest will graduate from 8th grade.  In small towns this graduation is an event.  Riley started soccer at four and it has become a huge passion of his.  This week they play to see if their team can make it to the championship games.

It is fun to watch him grow his soccer skills. I am very much your imperfect sports mom as I never can figure out the score and I may have missed a goal or two:)  Grateful in high school there will be score board!  I am full of emotions this week. One moving to high school, one more to middle.  They are working on those wings we are trying to help them grow!  Even if I have missed a goal I have still loved this season of his life!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday- Last Day of my Week in the Life project

Sunday, my last day in my week in the life project.  Sunday morning started by Andy making pancakes and then getting ready for church.  Mass for us is at 9:30.  A couple nine year olds found time to make some dog houses before we left for church.

This is not a normal event for Sunday.  Due to a snow out we had a makeup soccer game to play today.  My parents joined us which always makes me grateful for their love of grandchildren.

My usual Sunday involves making some bread for the upcoming week.  One more week of lunches being made.  My favorite all time snack graham crackers and milk.  A snack I remember my Grandma feeding us.  Riley with the paper. I still love getting a regular paper at our house even in these digital days.

Our tired baby.  It is hard to get a nap with these big people's schedule.  Katie is always good for a cuddle.

Brian came back home after a weekend away for work.  Just in time to get the lawns mowed before a little rain.  Andy had a friend over.  This is a big deal at our house.  So glad it went well. I heard a lot of laughing from them.

Tired of being somewhat confined we decided a ride on the bike  couldn't hurt.  My spinach is doing great this year. Looks like we will be eating it daily now!

Brian and his youngest catching up.  Bread is not perfect for sure but it will work for the week.  Makes the house smell good on this rainy cooler day.

The week is over and a new one to begin. I have loved seeing my life this way.  A project I will do again.  We are in a crazy busy season in our life.  Filled with a lot of happenings, but it is just a season.  Three weeks from now our life will look different with school out.  I am grateful for these memories and people in my life!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday-A week in our life

Saturday started with a run then checked on my baby plants we just put in the ground.  Katie was headed to a friends birthday party and she eagerly waiting to be picked up.  Mr. Luke was tired already.  His casts make it hard to sleep well so found him on the floor napping.  Riley was headed to our community pool clean up day.  Riley, Andy, and Brian worked hard there and soon we will be swimming daily!

Brian has a work function so once he left it was the kids and I.  Waiting to go to soccer and catching up on his social life.  So many scenes in our house involve beats on our ears. Andy has had this bear since 2008.  Still a sense of comfort to him.

The game he loves best.  This is a weekly place to be in our lives.  

It had to be done a trip to Sams. Five kids and their Mom.  They were a huge help this time which I am so thankful for.  I don't usually take all of them to the store so it was refreshing to see it has gotten easier.  Feeding all of them is tough.  We go through lots of food.

The lilacs are ready. There will be many vases full in our house. This is just the first! Giving Luke a bath is tough. We really have to work to get the covers over his casts.  

It has been another full day. Tonight after a pizza and spinach salad dinner we had some down time.  Katie had made this dog today at the birthday party.  It has a name and a dress. She was all smiles when she came home.

Tonight I will read a little and watch maybe a show on TV.  One more day of this project:)

See you tomorrow!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday- Week in the Life

Another full day for us. A day filled with good and sunshine.  We have some new rules about continuing good reading patterns. This  morning we worked on getting those chapters in.  I have been really needing to get some of the garden in. I had help today and even if there was some grumbling we got a lot done.  

Our tomatoes love those water wells. They are not fun to fill up but playing in the water was fun for the kids.  Lunch was a three people process which was great for me!

This little man is trying so hard to stand on his casts today. He is not really supposed to do that so it is good we can all keep him busy.  More seeds, always looking for seeds  An unexpected trip to the doctor to get more forms done for upcoming Girl Scout Camp. 

My new to me planters.  Found these old canister sets on a recycling day and of course put some seeds in them today. Laundry..always.

I really needed a break tonight.  I love being with my kids and am grateful for the time I have with them but I really needed some me time tonight.  So an hour to work on my project life album.  I have a desk but have scrapbooked on my floor a good part of my life.  Just a part of who I am.

Two more days of this project.  It is a crazy busy weekend so should be lots to document!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday- Day Four- Our week

The day started with a run and then trying to fit in a little work before everyone was up. It was such a beautiful day that the kids spent a lot of time outside listening to Cd's from the library. Makes me laugh that they are so excited to check out Cd's.  

Next week is my dance program for the classes I teach.  There was no more time for procrastination I had to make all the hair pieces. Bri helped me a lot with these then disappeared to my scrapbooking desk.  Oh I miss it so...maybe next week!

Riley has had his Boy Scout badges on my sewing box for a long time now. I finally told him he had to get those on his uniform I was never going to get it done.  Thinking he did a great job on them.

Our first lunch outside this year.  I love to eat out there so much easier. No clean up and just feels good to be outside.  After lunch a little play and then of course the question of screens.  We have a limit at our house for screen time and it seems to be sacred times for each of the kids. 

Finally my little peppers are up!  A photo session for me this afternoon. Always makes me feel so inspired after shooting photos.  I do believe when I got home Andy and Katie were playing with the ants.  Not sure what to say about that!!

Where I stood tonight was at dance classes. Tap for Katie and then another ballet class to teach. These are the shoes I feel most at home in.

Day four is almost over for me.  I am still loving seeing what our day really involves.  Grateful for the life I have been given and now it is time to read!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday: Our week in the life

A different Wednesday for us.  The elementary school kids are off the next couple days due to testing.  Most weeks I clean our house on Wednesday. I have had a set day since we were first married.  It is what is left of my old Type A personality.  Lucky for me I had helpers today! Those bears have been around so very long so very loved!

No I do not think with two casts a child should be on the trampoline. Between the two of them I lost the battle and she was careful she promised me! For me more laundry and cleaning!

They love to look at my Chatbooks with my Instagram photos.  Eventually though we needed a workout and both girls were willing to participate.  

This little one has decided he loves to color. He scoots around until he gets where he wants to be.  A cupboard open is so very common in our house!

A beautiful rain this afternoon meant all my little seeds did not need to be watered!  

I teach five dance classes a week. Next week is our little recital so more practice tonight.  I will never stop loving dance. Cooking not my love but we have to eat.  A simple dinner. Missing Riley who was at soccer practice.

The kids gathered laundry and I wanted to get it folded.  Average for this house is two loads a day.  Usually the kids do dishes but I made them a deal to trade me for a couple other chores I needed done.  Secretly I do like to wash dishes.

I just realized Brian hasn't made any photos yet this week. He is super busy right now at work.  However a little time tonight with his girls!  The big boy is back and reading on his phone.  Reading about the Air Force.

Day three is almost done.  I am loving this project!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day Two of our Week in the Life

Capturing our week one day at a time.  Tuesday started as any other school day. A run for me then everyone up to eat and get ready.  Back home to quickly plan for my Girl Scout meeting later in the day.

Brianna's class was on a field trip today.  I knew we couldn't go for the whole time but I took Luke for as long as I could.  He was so upset most of the time. Brianna in her huge heart way pushed him around with her friends.  I was very touched how she included him and loved on him.
Tuesday's have been our Girl Scout meeting days.  I was lucky enough to hear Andy chatting freely with the scouts about which movies they should watch.  He has spent a lot of time in our meetings over this past year.
Back home and it was time to cook dinner and homework time.  Riley had a big presentation and was wanting Brianna's thoughts on it. I love how soccer seems to always be with him! 

After our dinner of sandwiches and leftovers Andy and Katie were on dish duties.  They switch every week with their big brother and sister.  Usually some pandora station is part of this ritual. A new calendar for the ever creating Bri.

Oh my lilacs they are so close to blooming all the way! I can hardly wait to cut some for my table!  My nightly check on my greenhouse plants.  Most are still babies waiting until their time to go to the garden!

That was Tuesday minus my night photos:)  I love this project makes me more aware of who we are!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week in the Life- Monday

Today I started a photography project capturing a week of our life!
-Morning starts at 5 for me- running time
-Breakfast then kids off to school
-A little photo shoot with our youngest

-A trip to the greenhouse and a few goodies
-Coloring time and talking to Daddy on the phone
-Nap time for Mr Luke, journal, and work time for me

-Website work
-Before I know it time to pick up kids- tea a must to make it
through the afternoon
-Time in the kitchen unpacking lunches

-A wonderful dinner from my Mom tonight
-More dishes and homework
-Big book report on my favorite author
-Teens in their room rocking out and doing math
-Crafts in the girls room- always!

-More laundry
-Sisters are better helpers at times with homework
-Reading time
-Barre3 workouts with Katie a nightly routine

I love this project thinking about my day. I am always inspired by Ali Edwards and did this project with her last year.  It is fun to see what we really do with our time!

Surgery for Mr. Luke

Our sweet little boy was born with club feet.  I knew that we would need do have some procedures done when we came home. We needed time for bonding and adjusting to being a family of seven before I felt we could have surgery done.

A week ago the time had come for him to have surgery on his feet.  We would stay in the hospital one night and he has two full length casts on his legs.  They will be on him for four weeks then switch to walking casts.  

He was a trooper at the hospital.  The night was very rough but that is to be expected.  I love this little boy with all my heart and was grateful for everyone who helped take care of him.

Grandma stayed the night with us and Aunt Tam brought pineapple.  This was a much requested food! We have been home a week now and he is doing great.  We are all getting stronger from carrying him around.  The kids are being very good with him and finding ways to include him in their games.  We will go back the end of May to get walking casts on!

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