Sunday, August 28, 2011

Andy at 5

Our Andrew at five. He wanted his pictures at Papa and Grandma's house.  A perfect setting for him!

 What a ham he can be!  That watch is huge...but Riley has one so he aspires to be like his big bro!
Our little cowboy...I don't know where life will take him but I have huntches it will be in the great outdoors!
He loves animals...and had to have Grandma and Papa's dog in some pictures!  His puppy was less than interested in these shots.  So really any dog  will do and a couple dog kisses are always a favorite of Andy's.  Now to wonder why my allergies are always out of control:)

5 year old pictuers

Time for Miss Katies 5 year old pictures.  How sweet she is.  I have said it before but she is my calm in the storm.  You can just feel how she takes life as it goes.  She is amazing!  She wasn't too excited about these pictures but ended up doing ok with them!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

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