Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dec 20 Sleepover at Grandma's

The four oldest girl cousins have a new tradition of helping Grandma decorate for Christmas.  There is one sign that you know you have made it to Grandma's house and that is the tinsel.  She loves it and I am thinking these girls to do.  I wasn't there but I do believe they decorated a lot more than just the tree with tinsel.  My mom had written this note to us in her card thought it was perfect to add to this page.   
I love this photo of the girls all camped out in the living room.  These four get along really well and have a great time together.  How lucky are they to call their cousins their friends:)

It is almost time for us to start our Christmas celebrations. Hoping you all are feeling ready and with those you love the most!

Day 19 Wrapping Gifts (the boys)

There really haven't been any gifts under the tree and to my surprise these two boys came to me asking to help.  Ummm...oh yes I could use some help.  So they set to work and helped a lot.
I was doing something else in the room at that time but could overhear their conversations.  I love to hear what they talk about and how they communicate.  At the end Andy had tape all over his face (?) and they were both laughing!

These days are starting to sneak away from is almost time...and I am almost ready!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 18 Baking Day

We had a snowy Saturday with freezing temperatures.  A perfect day to pull out our baking list and spend the day baking.  Each kid had picked their favorite cookie or candy to make.  After so many hours we didn't make it through the list but everyone was content.

This is one of my favorite photos of the day.  To me it is about the beauty of how our family came to be. The bonds of sisterhood even if we have our real life moments.

Luke was priceless when he saw that popcorn popping.  He was so cute! The best part of being little is how the small things in life are so big!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day 17 Snow

Yesterday we woke up to cold and snow.  Not at as much snow as cold.  Those new flannel sheets were really pulling people into staying for just a little bit longer!  

 I am always surprised who are the kids who ask to go play in the snow first.  It isn't always the usual suspects. Luke can hardly wait to get out there and Katie has been his playmate all weekend. 

They played a long time and I am sure it was single digits in the morning. The minute they walked in the door they assumed it was hot chocolate time..why not it is Christmas break!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 15 A letter

A letter to my kids today tucked away in an envelope.  A letter about who I am now and where I am in my life.  I want them to know when they are older who I was at different parts in my life.  

Ten days left before Christmas.  Seems crazy as the list is still long to do.  Snow is on the way tomorrow which will keep us at home.  Just what this mom needs.

Celebrating Luke's One Year Family Day

A year ago today Riley and I were in Korea and welcoming our seventh family member into our family.  It was a day that was so full of emotion.  So much pain in so many ways and so much happiness also.  I remember his very sweet foster Mom and the way she played with him in those last moments and how she cried when we left.  My heart broke in a thousand pieces.  There are no words to describe the love the foster moms have for our children.  

That first night in our hotel room.  Riley being an amazing big brother as we tried to capture and remember these first moments.  The way Luke was so tired and how he spoke his sweet Korean to us.  

I remember the wonderful tea at this tea shop with its Christmas tree.  The tea shop that we would do the exchange basically from one life to another.  This little man has stolen my heart.  I love him to pieces.  He will often seek me out for a hug and a kiss.  

A photo from the first day we meet him when we were all in Korea.  It seemed like a lifetime for this moment to come.

The six of us on our first trip.  Memories of Korea are sweet. I miss it and there will be a day I will go back.  My life has changed so much since this photo.  It is even more full than I could have ever expected.  Thank goodness for number five he has made us each better in so many ways!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 14 A special gift in the mail

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