Thursday, July 2, 2015

Celebrating Eleven Years

Happy 11th Birthday our sweet girl!  It is hard to believe that Miss Bri is already eleven.  She is becoming her own person with her own loves and passions.

One of them has become horses and her love of riding lessons.  I think she loves that fact that this is her activity something that interests her alone in our family.

I know when I watch her ride she is all smiles and loves these animals.
She is becoming a very sweet young woman who loves both people and animals with her whole heart.  So now to start a day that is filled with all that is Brianna!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mountain Escape

With summer upon us and the chance of rain diminished it was time to head to the mountains for a night of camping. Our boys no longer want to sleep in the pop up with us so they set up there own tent.  Riley was very good with Andy getting him all set up for the night.  
It was a weekend filled with friends, and all that these Colorado mountains have to offer.  
There is no need for a table when you have a rock to eat breakfast on.  There is something about being out there that makes a person so very hungry!

Time at the lake meant waiting for your turn to kayak but a mud puddle turned out to be the perfect place to play.

This oldest son of mine is so at home in the mountains.  He loves to go and explore.  There is more camping trips in the work. I love to be out there away from all the parts of life that make our life feel hectic at times.  

Monday, June 15, 2015

Seven Years Ago Today

Seven years ago today this little man became our son.  How long we waited for him and how glad we were to hold him in our arms.  He was full of life and energy on that day and that remains true today.  

He challenges me everyday to think outside the box and to never quit.  I love him to pieces and am so glad I was chosen to be his Mom.  It is a name I share with a woman who we wonder about and pray for daily.

Happy Family Day Mr. Andrew!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother of four..hoping for five

Mother's Day has come and gone.  With it were lots of hidden surprises, homemade cards and flowers that were planted at school.  It was a day that had snow so our usual planting day had to be modified.  I didn't have to cook that day, always a bonus in my world.  These four kids mean the world to me.  They have taught me more than any other adventure in my life.  There are so many days that are not easy and situations when you wonder what really is the best way to parent a situation.  It is a blessing to see them together, the oldest teaching the youngest something new, and the youngest not letting the older grow up too fast.

There was a hole on my lap this year though as we wait for our son to come home.  It has been a long wait and not a lot of information to go on.  I still believe it will happen, but I have to say each Friday at five, when our adoption agency closes, my heart sinks a little with the knowledge that another week has passed with no news.  He will come and I am sure hoping my next Mother's Day photo has one more little face in it.

It would not be right on Mother's Day to not think about the women who gave birth to Andy and Katie.  The price they paid for my happiness and the horrible loss they must feel.  I think of them often but on this day just a little more.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A walk through April

April brings beauty out my window. On the other hand, Katie found a book so good she could not wait to read a couple pages on her way upstairs.

Crazy hair day for the youngest.  Andy loved wrestling and was proud to show off his new uniform.  Girls and cousins tend to create a whole lot of laugher.

Creations of the month included a gift for my Mom, a mousetrap car, and the start of my garden.

In April we had time to read, go on school field trips, and a very special Girl Scout mother and daughter tea.

My favorite two photos of the month.  A serious First Communion photo shoot could not really be that serious, and friends from thirteen years ago get to spend a weekend together.

Little by little I am making this house a home.  A trip to our first place we called home was what I really needed this month.  More reading time with siblings and an Earth Day project at the library. 

Can I just say I wish I had a whole afternoon to knit and look in this store? Dreaming of a little boy who we so need to come home.  Another package for him that he will soon receive.

A trip to Home Depot to make planters for the upcoming season.  My oldest and I on Junior Honor Society induction night.  Brianna as Rosa Parks for their wax history museum.  How cute she was!

I am late in this post as with most things in my life these days. I miss my blog, but maybe the time will allow me to be here again more often.

May is here and so much is happening, but I can feel summer break right around the corner!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A group of girls

“Cousins by chance, friends by choice.” ~ Proverb 
These four girls love to be together. The secrets they must have  are ones I am sure we will not hear until years later when they are older.  My hope for these girls is that they remain friends as they grow and change.  Life takes us all in different directions but for now they regard each other as some of their closest friends.   

Little by Little

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A capture of March in photos

Here is a little about us from the viewpoint of a lens for the month of March.

A month of school projects, great books with fabulous yarn, always working on our reading, and started a 100 day read for library.

There are a lot of birthdays this month.  Some became teenagers and some turned the wonderful age of four.

There are crafts for all ages, trips to our Grandparents to make memories, and our first dinner outside.

A trip to the library for American Girl Tea, time to play with all our cars, celebrating a wonderful man, and time with a special niece.

There was a quick knit for a little friend, derby races, and science fair volcanos. 

The best news is spring is here. There are shorts being worn, painting outside, planting those peas right in a row, and the color green is coming through the yard that has been sleeping these past months.

My 365 day project is going well and it so helps having a group to be accountable to.  Love seeing our life through my camera!

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