Friday, July 31, 2009

Beets, Hail and the VBS

The title basically says what our life has been about this week. Riley and Brianna have attended VBS all week. Very positive week and tonight is the big program! They are so cute sharing their secrets about it that none of us can know until then. As for me I dug my first batch of beets and canned them this week. My first time canning and believe it or not I got it done with all 4 kids! I just love this time of year when our dinner plate consists of mostly things I have grown! As for the Hail there was a horrible hail storm in Pueblo that did some damage to our car but worse than that to many places and crops. Brian said it was the size of golf balls. God always lets us know who is in charge:)

Friday, July 24, 2009


Summer is coming to an end and with it I am trying get all those things we planned to do done .It just so happens that both of my sisters are off work temporarily now and we have been able to meet. How I wish they were off all year, but we will take what we can get. So yesterday was a trip to the lake with a sandy beach. The task to have fun in the water and keep track of all of our 7 kids. It was fun and they all had great time. We then got to keep our niece Abby for the about worn out kids today. I insisted that we all take a rest today as I could see we were a little worn out. It is so fun to be close enough for our kids to have this family in their lives.

I am a summer girl and the thought of socks and shoes = yuck! I am constantly amazed at how family just fits and how each of our kids steals out hearts!

Prospect lake

Prospect lake

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A glimpse of Summer first it takes me awhile to adjust to us all being together throughout the day. Then just about this time we all settle in a pattern and now I am sad that school is getting closer and closer. Riley and Brian hit the mountains for Boy Scout camp this weekend. Both had such a great time. Seems as the bears like Boy Scout camp a lot too. As you can see Miss Brianna has become a fish this summer and what a cutie Andy is with his goggles! As for Miss Katie well I have to say she likes the great indoors more than the outdoors but likes the water table and sidewalk chalk the best. It has been so busy and we have all had our moments. They are all growing so much and our little ones will be 3 soon. I have been informed not to call them "babies" anymore as they are not babies. True enough...but I say until we are all wearing underwear there are some babies around! Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brianna and Grandma

Our little lady

Happy Birthday Brianna

Miss Brianna is 5 years old today! She is a very special little lady in our house. She is so very loving and is always there for a hug. She is the leader of the girl pack at our house and very motherly to the little ones. She had her first sleepover last night. She sure is tired today but they had a good time. Brianna has great connections with people and warms their hearts. We are so lucky to have her and feel blessed for all the days we have had with her and pray for many more. Happy Birthday my sweet many memories come back as your Mom 5 years also when they placed that little sweet girl in my arms!
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