Friday, August 29, 2008

Time with Uncle Les

We were so lucky to have my Aunt and Uncle come and visit and meet Andy. The oldest two love to play with Uncle Les just like my sisters and I did as kids!

Miss Katie Eun Sol

I love this picture of Katie. She is my little princess. We were waiting for Riley to get out of school by the beautiful flowers.

Monkeys in the Tree House

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friends, Family and Memories

This weekend we had our official birthday party for our little two. It was a fun day that was filled with the people we love and making memories of having a two year olds party. Andy and Katie did very well being the center of attention. They were both very quite as we brought out their cute cakes that Aunt Tam and Uncle Shane made. I can hardly imagine what thoughts were running through their little heads. It must be so overwhelming to them. I remember last year enjoying Katies day and knowing that Andy was far away and wishing we could have him to celebrate also. This year my dream came true. It was a day about love, celebration, wishes and mostly just being two great kids. They both completed our family and we wish them all the fun, love and adventure that the next year can bring.

Birthday party fun

Andy helping Mom

Andy loves to help me cook
and can be found here everyday
,but on this day he is helping get ready for his birthday party!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mom and her girls

Friday, August 15, 2008

1st Grade For Riley

School Days

Riley started 1st grade today. He looks like such a big boy with his calmness he gets from "knowing the ropes" of school. It felt like we never left when we entered the school. Brianna picked up right where he left off and told me she was the big kid at home now. I am excited for him and all that he is going to learn and experience this year. It is very rainy and cool here and gives that feeling that fall may be in the not too distant future.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snack time

A new sand table for our birthday

Happy Birthday Katie and Andy

We have two-two year olds

Yesterday we celebrated Andy and Katie turning 2!! Funny to think of us truly having two two year olds. We may be in for it this year:) We spent the day at Grandma and Papa's house. Andy LOVES my Dad and really was with him each moment. It is fun to watch that bond. Katie was with Mom most of the day since she didn't really have to share me. We got to go swimming there for one last time before school starts and just hang out and play. I think they had a good day. We had banana splits for dessert to follow Andy's love for banana's and Kaite loves the ice cream, of course! I am so excited that everyone is home to celebrate this year. Last year I kept thinking of Andy on his birthday. They are too cuties with tons of energy!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are trying to stay sill for Mom!

Daddy with his kiddos

Adoption Agency Picnic

This weekend we went to our adoption agency's picnic. Brian and I both agree that these are very fun and meaningful times for our family. It always amazes me as I talk to other adoptive parents of just the great lengths that are taken to bring kids home and the stories of fitting families together no matter how they are made up. They had some bump n jumps that Riley and Brianna LOVED and we did stand in line quit awhile for some great face painting. We also got to meet some wonderful people that we have meet on line. That is so very cool to be able to do! Andy and Katie bring their own kind of novelty to the situation with their look of twins and distinct personalities. They are so cute together and Katie was pretty happy to be in my arms and Andy was happy in Brian's! I meant to take pictures but for some reason the camera never made it out:(. One more day and we will celebrate our two-two year olds. The big kids are excited for this day.

Friday, August 8, 2008

10 year anniversary

Today at 3 o'clock Brian and I will have been married 10 years. What a change 10 years can bring. When I think of us then just out of college, both working, intending to live a kidless life, and a good distance from out families. Life has let us live in four different house, two towns, and have two biological children and two by adoption all of which have stolen our hearts and tranformed out lives. I think about how one of us had more hair then and the other not so many lines under our eyes. When we would go to the pool with books, not inflatable baby holders. It has been quit the ride we have been on. Some roads have been hard and some just the plain wrong road followed but all of them have brought us to today!! Brian is truely my soulmate and the rock of our family. When I am going 100 mph he is standing still weighing the options. We each have our roles that seem to become more defined over time. It is life we are grateful for as we think about celebrating a love that God created for us to live each day.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

We went to the swim park today. Of course after we loaded everyone up ( and all their stuff) it turned cloudy and didn't take the kids long to get cold! Still it was an outing and they all said they had fun. Riley and Brianna got to go on one more camping trip this weekend. This included Papa which was fun for them. Andy got his first haircut from Daddy today. He lines the boys up and they all get a buzz cut. He did really well which was good for him. We are all gearing up for the little ones birthdays in a week. Should be a fun day. They are two busy little ones. School is right around the corner. Seems funny since it has been so hot. It is also zucchini season at our house. Andy is getting his first taste of zucchini in everything!! So far so good, the other kids are seasoned and eating it with grinning faces depending on how we cook it that these days!! Life is moving along. Andy has been home a month!! Wow. God amazes us how our hearts were ready for four and they just seem to fit together!!

One of the little boys from Andy's orphange that has the same Gotcha Day as Andy is having surgery tomorrow. We pray for him and his family as they face this difficult time.

Andy first picture

Brianna Marie

Swimming time!

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