Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo-Seattle

We were Seattle bound early this morning and later this evening this is the view we had.  It was a very full day of traveling or as Riley said waiting in lines.  In the end it is all worth it!

The reason we are really here will happen tomorrow but for today we are enjoying the view, family, and just a great vacation. 

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Snapshot- Friday's

Friday's are days off for the kids. So while the weather is still very warm it was time to hit the fountains with our cousin.

These fountains start and stop randomly so ON your MARK get SET go was the name of the game for these kids.

This little guy has made it through two weeks of kindergarten and this weekend he started getting very tired.

This is me with our nephew Sam. I think being an Aunt is just an awesome job.  There aren't a whole of photos of him and I as he really thinks my kids are the coolest part of me.  On this Friday though he agreed to one shot.

We can feel the cool of fall starting to hit the morning air, but on this Friday oh how we loved the sun!

The first photo is Canon 60D and my 35 mm lens. 
Shutter is 1/399 ISO 100 and f 4.0 . 

Edited with curves in CS5.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo-Umbrella Fun

Katie is one little girl who loves her umbrella.

However Colorado has been so very dry there hasn't been much use for this umbrella this summer.

I do hear in a very short amount of time Katie will be heading to the Northwest.

We are all hoping when we get there to feel a little mositure in the air.  Katie will be happy no matter what though as she just owns that priceless smile.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Snapshot- An old truck

Four kids and and old rusted truck was pretty much heaven for me.  It was a great setting for some photos after our first week of school. 

We went out to Brian's bosses ranch.  Not only was it the perfect place for photos but also a great place for exploring!

Riley loved being in the drivers seat!  Think the boy in him is already dreaming of the day he will drive.

Katie was probably the least thrilled out there.  I would venture to say she will be our city girl..I could be wrong but that is my guess.

Brianna is very fond of Brian's boss. We actually get a lot of giggles out of this so she was all about this adventure.   

My favorite photos in life are the real life moments this just being one of them.  I always pray these two will be close when they are older and remember their silly moments in life. 

This truck was so fun. I love old "stuff"!!!  We will be back one day for sure.

The first photo was taken with my Canon 60d 50 mm lens. 

Shutter was 1/1000, f 3.2, ISO 320

Edited in CS5

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Ni Hao Yall

Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo-School

On Monday our summer ended.  It was back to school for us.  When I say "us" this year it meant everyone would be going to school all day. 

The first day meant new outfits and those shoes. They are such a statement of the times. 

Each child tugged at my heart as I said goodbye, but with these two it was the hardest.  They are the babies and they are now full time school students.  I did cry...not at school I waited until I left.  They were so excited and I wanted them to see me excited for their new adventures. 

When I got home it was really very quite here.  It just felt so very "alone".  I didn't like it.  I have picked up some more accounting work so the day was spent in my office.  This will eventually feel like the new normal but this week it felt very empty. 

When the first day ended and that big yellow bus pulled up there were these cards.  They held the stamps of two of the four kids I love most in the world.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Snapshot- Two...Six...Year...Olds

Today we have two new six year olds at our house! The excitement was growing all week about this day. We had a party last night at some local city park rides.  Twenty-five cents a piece for a ride provides a lot of entertainment for eight little kids. 

There have been a lot of secrets and plans being made this week. They get to plan the menu for today so we would start out with crepes, corn dogs for lunch, and chicken nuggets for dinner. These last two meals are very different from what we normally eat so they love that part of their birthday. 

These two seem to know how to work together and I would say get along most of the time. They are just too very blessed we are ! 

A time for photos at their party last night with just Mom and Dad. I like this as I hope one day they will like to have a photo that does not include all their siblings.  Lovely hair Katie has!  I hope one day I remember how she gave these hair pieces as gifts to her "girl friends"

Following along with Sunday Snapshot
The first photo was taken with my Canon d60

Shutter 1/168  ISO 100 and f 2.4 

I edited in CS5 with M4H actions at lower opacity and some adjustments with curves. 

Ni Hao Yall

Friday, August 10, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo-Summer Concluding

We have just finished our last week before school starts.  We have played this summer and spent some time at home.  This group of photos is just a capture of what has happened at home this week. I could not resist this of Andy as he watched his bears wash. 

We spent some time this week getting ready for school. Packing up all those supplies and attending back to school night.

On Monday they will all head to school. This will be the only year they will all be in the same school.  We better enjoy that!

And lastly some very pretty roses that symbolize the years that have passed and the years to come.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Fourteen Years ago today we said "I do".  We were young at 22 and 24.  We had meet at college through a mutual friend.  We would date two years and then marry.  It is hard to remember all the details of this time in our life. Seems like a long time ago.  It was a fun time. We thought we had responsibility but in reality we had very little:)

We had moved to a different part of the state to start our own life.  We were each others best friend.  We spent time dreaming of big careers and wavered on wanting children or not. 

Fast forward fourteen years.  I am very blessed to have a husband like Brian. He believes in me and is my rock.  Our dreams have changed. We no longer dream of big careers and love having four kids.  There are more wrinkles on our faces, less hair for some and hair dye for others.  We don't have a lot of time for just the two of us, but love the life we have created that is full of family.  I don't know if we would recognize that young couple that got married years ago but I would venture to say that the love we have has grown over these years.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Snapshop-Minneapolis

Last Wed I flew to MN.  After ten years of having kids this was my first time away for this length of time.  I have sold Creative Memories for the past four years and it was their 25th Anniversary Convention so I decided to go.  I started selling Creative Memories as I have a huge passion for photos. I also have a strong desire to put them in albums that will last for generations with the stories that make the photos special to me. My passion is digital scrapbooks that are printed out.

For me it was a time of many feelings.  On one hand I so missed my family on the other I remembered the old Teri.  You know the one who knew that people really do wear their hair in other ways besides ponytails and heels do exist. 

It was a weekend of continual inspiration and really a big party.  I am not much of a party gal but I love inspiration. 

They talked a lot about following your dreams.  Mine have changed over the years.  Next week my "babies" will all go to school. Then what???  I am an accountant by degree and will do some of that but my heart is in love with photography. 

The constant is...
photos still bring joy
and people are worth remembering.

My favorite quote of my time at convention.

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I did not take the top photo but my camera was set at
f 2.6 ISO 200 and 1/63.  Used my 35 mm lens and my Canon d60.
Edited with curves in CS5.

Ni Hao Yall

Friday, August 3, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo-Meadow

During our camping trip there was a beautiful meadow right by us.

I took some of the kids for a walk that morning and the girls could not get enough of the flowers. 

Of course little boys get tired of flowers.  A tree that had fallen down provided more fun .

I kept thinking how pretty it would be for the girls to have fancy dresses out there.  Guess that wouldn't happen for camping attire. 

At this point in the game I am sure Sam was wondering about his Aunt Teri:)

What a beautiful spot to explore. 

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