Sunday, November 27, 2011


I know more pictures...or so my kids say. Couldn't pass this one up. All four with the same sweatshirts from Indiana. My parents had gone there this fall and brought these back and I horded them until this fall break.  That is so they would be nice and clean for these pictures!

Friday, November 25, 2011

I am thankful for...





Creativity and Health

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

National Adoption Month

November a month to be thankful, a month to reflect, and for us a month to think about how our little ones came to be part of our family.  This is National Adoption Month.  Both of our five year old came in different ways to us. Different backgrounds, different counties but both needing a family.  My heart is passionate about adoption.  I would adopt again and again if I could.  This is not to say it has always been easy.  I remember when Andy came the rejection I felt as a Mom to not be able to console him.  I remember about learning about cleft lip and walking our way through surgery and starting speech therapy.  Katie is asking more questions and they are not easy to answer for truly we don't know the answers.  I have learned that love of the heart is wide and deep.  My love for these two is no different than that of Riley and Brianna.  It is an amazing love.  I write this for the person out there thinking of adoption.  It is a ride that is so worth it all.  For us who have adopted there is that little pull in our hearts telling us to keep going forward.  It is at night when I kiss them in there warm cuddly beds knowing how many children worldwide received no kiss tonight.  For that reason alone I will always be passionate for kids who need somewhere to call home and family. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Day

For Veterans Day the Cub Scouts went to the Veterans home to deliver cards, snacks, and most important some hugs and ears to listen to stories of the past.  All of our family got to go on this outing which meant a lot. I loved the feeling of our kids giving back.

It was interesting to watch the kids reactions at the Veterans home.  Andy who is a wild man was very reserved.  Katie too was very nervous there. Made me realize we have to do these things more often.  Brian and I used to go and visit older people many times before we had kids and as life got harder we quit.  A great reminder this was to me on Friday. The stories Riley came back with were amazing.  How many thanks yous we owe all those who served and serve today.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Niece Time

Our niece Alexa came to time!!!!  I couldn't wait to try out some photo time on her!

She had on her ballet outfit just for Aunt Teri.

The oldest and the youngest cousin.  Riley was really good with her!


I know these sweet days once existed in our fun to have again for a time!

Seriously Aunt Teri I have had enough:)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mini Me- Miss Abby

Our neice Miss Abby and I went on a very cold morning to take some pictures. I call Abby "Mini Me" as she reminds me of myself in many ways.  She has that look in her blue eyes that says she will get to the place she intends in her own style and way.  She has an energy that makes most tired I am sure! 

It was great fun to have one on one time with Abby.  We had some fun discussions in that priceless five year old way!

When Abby gets upset she has this look...and oh how hard it is not to giggle! Those blue eyes can really shine!

I feel so blessed to have the chance to spend this time with her and to hopefully watch her grow up, because I know what that look of determination means...I have seen it in my own eyes!
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