Friday, February 24, 2017

Project Life Week 2

The second week of the year. Seems like a long time ago but nevertheless here it is.  The wind was super crazy that week to the point of being scary.  Fallen trees, power outage, and a candlelight dinner. The kids loved eating in the dark!

All the sudden everyone was gone.  He sure missed his siblings.  Trying to figure out how to play a few minutes on his own. A true struggle of being number five.

A very sweet package from Korea this week.  The most adorable shoes that light up.  A letter with his foster Mom's heart written all over it.  Thankful for these connections and love!

I choose a word this year and it is brave.  I feel some new roads coming in my life as things change in the next year.  Clearly we never know where the road may take us just hoping to be brave and move where life is headed.

Sweetness at four.  Always up to something.  Love the sounds of little feet and playing in the house!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Project Life Week 1- Papa's Birthday

Looking back to January as I work on my project life for 2017.  The year always starts with my Dad's birthday.  
The day was filled with family and a turkey dinner.  Celebrating the 72 years Dad has been on this earth. All the changes that have come and thinking how lucky we are that he is loving his life.
A rare photo of my family with Dad. Everyone was fairly agreeable  which is very helpful for photos!
Loved listening to Luke and Katie. These two really get along and seem to have personalities that match well.  
My Dad comes from a large farming family and this is one of his younger sisters.  I do believe it is important for my kids to see these connections in their grandparents life.  
I am a little slow getting my project life going this year.  I know I need this time to create and write our stories.  If I am lucky I will get more weeks done this weekend!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

State Bound!!

This  freshman is headed to state in wrestling!!  I am so very excited for him.  The season has been filled with so many emotions and hard work.

He started out the season with a broken arm.  The result of the last game of his soccer season. His missed some wrestling matches due to his arm but he practiced every day with it.  

As soon as the cast came off we realized he had ring worm.  Not so much fun and it took us awhile to get it healed up. Practiced through all of it and missed some more matches.  I know his heart was sinking but in good Riley fashion he moved forward.  

Then this weekend came and regionals were upon us.  Yesterday he took 4th and this week he will be heading to state.  I was there on Friday for him but could not be there yesterday as I had to be Mom to the rest. My heart was with him and I am so excited! 

In honesty wrestling is not something I understand. I cheer for him and admire that work ethic that will serve him way beyond the mat.  These two boys have been friends a long time and they will both be on those big state mats this week!  What a weekend it has been!

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