Saturday, March 31, 2012

Colorado Beach

It is not that Colorado really has a beach but we sure had fun at something pretty close.  The sand dunes were our big trip for spring break and it was so much fun!  The kids and their cousin played their hearts out that day hour after hour.

Of course every once in awhile we must take a break and warm up.

I could never take a photo that revealed the beauty of these sand dunes.

Running and jumping down the dunes made for so much fun.  Riley, being the oldest, was the leader in this game.

There was enough water running to have plenty of mud and digging in the day.

Sisterly love

Perfect play for the boy with tons of energy!

One moment for a group shot and that was all the time they could sit still!

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Garden Journal

This was the week of a true start to getting the garden ready.  Brian worked hard to get it ready.  It was windy again which doesn't make it that much fun.

In the greenhouse the peas are growing well.  The radishes have made their appearance also in the ground.

There are eighteen tomatoes started with two cherry tomatoes. They are doing well and making me so anxious for a fresh tomato.  The cucumbers are up along with the broccoli.

The plum trees is staring to bloom. I am hoping it is not too early and we don't get a hard freeze.

The garden doesn't look like much but just wait! 

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break had come this past week.  It was a week of very little schedule which was so very nice.  We have had summer like weather all week.  The kids have gotten plenty of time to play and be outside.

Brianna even had some time to do some crafts which she loves as much as I do.

A little time to stop and smell the flowers.  They smell so good!

A time for a boy to run and stretch his legs.  I think we all needed this week.  It always takes us a little bit to adjust being all together but once we do it feels so good.

A highlight of the week was going to the Sand Dunes.  I took a lot of photos there so hoping to do some editing to have some posted on Sunday!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Each week I teach three ballet classes ranging in ages three to nineteen.  Each class has its own unique girls and styles. I love teaching all three for very different reasons.  I never have my camera, after all I am supposed to be teaching, but this week it was there as the derby race was right after ballet.  So I had to do it.  There is a little time to stretch and practice our ballet piece so I took the liberty and shot just a couple of photos.  I loved that little moment to see my little ones through my lens!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quarterly Top 5 Photos

Looking back through the last three months to find my top five favorite photos of the kids. How tough is that?  I can't believe those three months have passed so quickly.

So here is the first. Riley turning ten. How quick those years went.

Katie on her Gotcha Day.  I will never forget the first time I kissed those checks!

A derby win for Riley.  How fun for him!

Chinese New Year our sweet Chinese boy!

Brianna so very sweet on our mother/daughter afternoon!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Naptime Momtog

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A day with Miss Bri

Brianna and I had a day just the two of us last weekend.  This rarely happens.  We went to do a little shopping, lunch out, and then a ballet.  She loved all this attention and I loved this time with her. 

I am always amazed when you have just one kid with you how different they are. 

She told me all the ends and outs of first grade..will she remember this skill at sixteen??

We had to take a couple photos to complete our girl day!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Derby Race...we have a winner!!!

It was a week full of Derby prep! Now Andy is not really a cub scout yet but they are so good to him and let him participate.  He loves being a part of his big brother and Dad activities.  He worked so hard painting his car!

The night had come and Riley was intently watching each round that his car raced.

And he won!!! He was so excited.  His personality is very reserved so for him this was pure excited.

I believe he is sleeping with a smile on his face tonight:)" target="_blank">" />

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This and that

A weekend of a little this and that.  The boys went skiing yesterday which is hard to believe at a time we are wearing short sleeves.  Brianna and I had a girls day complete with a ballet. Katie and Andy got some Grandma and Papa time.  So today it is get a little work done for the Prichards.  A little green post for the weekend of the Irish!

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The Hard Questions

Years ago when we started the adoption process I read a lot of adoption books. Any that I could get in my hands.  They all had said around the age of five kids start asking more adoption questions.  Adoption has always been an open topic at our house and always will.  Tonight at bedtime I said prayers with Andy and the questions started. I always pray for his birth parents, for their hearts and health.  Tonight he asked if I knew their names. When I said I didn't he said he would ask Daddy.  I told him Dad didn't know either but that I believed that God knows them and if we pray to him he will know who they are.  To this Andy replied that God could not see them because of course it is dark outside.  Kids and their thoughts. One day this will not suffice his thinking on his Chinese parents but for tonight it was enough. 

Ni Hao Yall

Friday, March 16, 2012

Outside the place to be

Outside was the place to be this week. The weather is amazing. A little too dry for this time of year but amazing. 

We planted a few more things this week. Some radishes and watermelon. Yes I know we are in  the Colorado mountains but maybe if we are lucky that watermelon will grow in the greenhouse. Andy and I are hoping so!

Always work to be done.

Not a good shot of the peas but never the less they are up!

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