Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Black and White Wednesday Andy Gotcha Day!

Our handsome boy three years home....we are so blessed!

Gotcha Day

Three years ago Andrew became our son. I had waited so long it seemed for this day. I prayed for him and hoped to hold him soon. Seems like a lifetime ago now as I can't imagine my life without him . As with any change in life we have had our ups and downs and changed in so many ways. They had always told us he was active and that has certainly been true. I give him the credit for keeping his Mom's stamina up. At first Andy would only want Brian and how my heart ached. I longed for him to call me Mom and want me to "make it better". It took some time and lots of persistence in showing him he was home and loved him forever. Now many times I can find him on my leg saying "Mama" his name he alone calls me. I can only imagine what his mind thought on those first days and how much pain he felt. China is on his mind a lot and he talks about it. We always vow to go back one day and help the "Andy's" that are left for they all need someone to call Mama.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


This week we got to go fishing with Grandma and Papa. Went to a fun little pond and the kids all liked it. Some are more fisherman than others but all have fun outside. We are so blessed with Grandparents that want to spend time with us and be a part of our kids lives. They love their time with them and I will forever hold these memories close to my heart. These are the days summer break is about...

Fishing Trip

Baseball the name of the game right now in our house. It was a full weekend of baseball and everyone is seeming to like it. Riley is playing 10 and under this year basically the kids are pitching now. It is a learning experience for everyone including coach Brian. More pictures to come on our little T-Ball players.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yesterday I turned 37 and my little sister turned 31. Memories come back of 1980 when she was born and when we found out we had another June 4th birthday in the family. She was the perfect gift for me a new baby to hold and help with. Then as we grew I would always think of June 4th as our special day one that made us unique. This birthday was also shared with my cousin. This would be the first year he would not be with us. Even though many years ago family and distance made it so we didn't spend the day together he was always close to my heart especially on this day. I believe he is with God and in painless peace but that didn't fill the hole his absence left yesterday. I know to be thankful for life and goodness both my sister and I have in our lives and I know my cousin would want this too.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


May was a very crazy month so here is my catch up for the past hoping to post more in the future! We finished school each with a good year behind them. Tears for missed teachers on the last day and words the "best teacher" came from their lips. A time for transition as we get used to new schedules. A time for end of year programs, field day, and a couple of field trips. Life is flying by as I want it to stand still. Took a wonderful photography class to learn even more how to capture these moments. So very fun! Now on to June and all it will bring!

Mothers Day


A trip to Bents Fort. It was a great day for this, we had a wonderful guide and learned so much!

Catching up on May!

A birthday party for our niece Railyn. What a sweetie she loved by all!

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