Monday, July 28, 2008

At Childrens

I want to follow this jouney for Andy as he goes through these changes so we started today with a picture outside childrens on our first apt.

Zoo days- some sleep, some stand by bears and some get new faces

Trip to Zoo and Childrens Hospital

It was a busy weekend where we had fun and then took Andy to Children's Hospital to start our journey to correct his cleft and palate. We started out at the zoo this weekend. The kids all did well and had a great time. Wasn't TOO hot and we seemed to be able to see all those "important" animals. Today Brian and I took Andy to his first apt at the hospital. It is new location for Children's in Denver and what a beautiful hospital. You really don't ever feel like you are in a hospital. The day was filled with lots of visits from different doctors and different people to help us through. My mind is on overload as I try to sort this all out. I know the road may be long but hopefully we can just take it one step at a time . We have one more Dr to see in Sept and then Brian and I will make our decision about the doctor we chose. We will wait until Andy is really settled in our house before we proceed. So more than likely some time this winter we will start this next step in our journey. Andy did fairly well there considering it was nap time. Katie got to stay with one aunt and Grandma and Papa have the big kids. They are loving that!! We are so grateful for all those who help us!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kids and changes

Andy is starting to change even more. My sister watched him this morning for just about 10 min for me and he actually cried for his Mom. As a Mom I cannot stand to hear my kids cry, but I have to say this story made me happy inside that he is now working on attachment. I hurt for his longing to communicate and ours to understand. In time though it will work out.

The big kids have gone to Vacation Bible school all week. What a program complete with the loudest singing and most smiling faces I have ever seen. Tonight we will attend their "program" of what they have learned all week. We are excited as we see them and how they have reacted. I feel so blessed to live where we do and be surrounded by all the people who really go out of their to give to our children to enhance their lives.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Reality does eventually set in

I believe that for each of our 4 children there has been a sense of sheer excitement and then the reality of life that it can not last forever and your body must eventually come off that high. With Riley it set in after we realized that he did not sleep from the words "It's a boy", for Brianna reality was that I really did need to take care of two kids. When Katie came home we had waited so long, and I believed in the "silver" lining of adoption that I believe at times I forgot in reality she was a child just like our others with her own needs and desires. As for Andy I do believe we have been living on that "high" for the past three weeks and now after a steady all day pace reality is sinking in. I am not saying this is bad is just makes me think and feel how my body is doing with the four little ones and what will truly be involved in their upbringing. I do not feel we are not prepared just a little bewildered at this point. I love them all and is not a question of how much but more a question of how to sort out new roles and new jobs that need to be done. If people ever asked if I would recommend adopting a toddler I would with my whole heart say yes. I would say you will have your hands full but the days will pass and you will figure it out, at least I am thinking this will happen!! Just some thoughts. I spent a part of the weekend being worn out but now on Monday we are back to our cute and busy days!:)

Andy in the Pool

Swim Time



Saturday, July 19, 2008

Calm Weekend

It is a rather calm weekend here at the Prichards. Brian took the big two kids camping for some much needed "big" kid time. They seemed to have a great time even though it rained some. Brianna, like her mother, wanted to take a shower when she first got home, and Riley, like his Dad, did not! As for Andy, Katie and I we fared well by ourselves. Andy even let me comfort him last night when we was awakened by our dog. What a sweet moment to thank God for the son who was sleeping on my shoulder. He is coming around for me and has taken the role of baby on in our house. Strange to have two the same age and one I do believe will truly be the baby. We still struggle with the taking care of 4 but I am hoping each day this will be easier. They are four busy little bodies. I like to hear them interact as they figure out their new roles in our life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brianna in July

Kids swimming

Andy and Mom

Monday, July 14, 2008

2 weeks home

Andy has been home two weeks now. It is hard to believe it is not longer. He seems to be fitting right in. Lets me hold him a lot in the day. Even Katie seems to think it is okay now. Still totally almost with Brian when he is home. You can just see on his little face all the new things that we are doing or seeing for him. It is amazing to watch. The other kids are doing good. Katie has changed. Seems she grew up and yet she is his age. It makes me sad some to see how fast she changed but hopefully that means she will accept him. They sure fight like siblings so that must mean something!! Riley and Brianna are involved in their own world which often locks doors to keep out little fingers when the play. As for twins instantly is a constant motion. One of us did eat a little big of a play sponge today for instance in that two minutes I tried to cook something. They are so fast together!! It is all good. Try to post some pictures!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bigs and the Littles

It seeems as though our family has two different levels now. Brianna and Riley are one and Katie and Andy are the other. It has been quit a switch getting used to two that are almost two. I am amazed at what they get into that has never been discovered around here before! Riley and Brianna are doing good with the babies but you can see at times just how much they are annoyed by them. As for Katie and Andy they spent the day trying to mark their territories. Andy now wants to be held quit a bit in the day and to my surprise Katie still wants her time but has not thrown a fit about me holding her new brother. We took Andy to the dr last week for an initial checkup and he had an ear infection. The other kids have had what was classified a virus. We will head to Childrens on the 28th to go to the cleft clinic. I worry about the process and how Andy will do. We won't do anything until we are sure that he feeling very secure here which will take some time. I know it will be a hard and painful road and I hope that we will be able to do all we can to help him walk through that path. It has been interesting to see how really well he does with his cleft and just to see him eat so well. Our own kids haven't really said much about the cleft and they had seen and we have talked but I still thought this may come up. It has been a different story in public as I struggle to find the right words to tell children because really when I see Andy I see my son who is full of energy and life. That mixed with our love he is an amazing child just like the other 3. We know the cleft will be fixed but that is definitely not what defines him!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our little man

So Sad

Our beautiful four year old

Green Eggs and Ham

Forth of July Weekend

We are just finishing the 4th's weekend. It was so nice to have Brian home for three days...tomorrow back to reality. The kids are doing well. The kid I am most concerned about is Katie. She is just not herself and very quite. Think this must be so hard for her to understand. Brianna is my biggest helper and little Mom. She takes good care of her little brother and sister. Andy is warming up to me little by little. He lets me hold him some when Brian is around and has found out I am the first up so is glad to welcome me to get him out of bed! Riley is good just having a hard time with so many little ones. It has help up temporarily what we can do. So that is sight into our lives right now. As for me I am hoping to eventually keep up!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Life has been moving along for the Prichards. We celebrated Brianna's 4th birthday today. That is so hard for me to believe. It was fun for all.

Andy is doing good. Had his first dr apt today. He had an ear infection but was never cranky about it so we didn't know. Sometimes I feel like we are first time parents!

Other than that we are all adjusting. Time for the boys seems to be better and not still backwards. Andy is sleeping a little better which is a blessing.

Still in awe at our family as I learn to care for them but with time I too will learn. They are all full of energy!! It is all good.

Pool Time

Brothers Hanging out

I am so tired!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2 Days home with Mom

We have made it through two days of being home with Mom. Andy has done very well with me. He still has no use for me once Brian comes home but that is okay right now. He lets me hold him in the day and just do the usual kid things. He is such a great kid and just a little ham. The kids have done well with the transition. Katie and Brianna have been sick the last couple of days so that has been rough but hopefully tomorrow we will all feel better. I am trying to keep up as it is harder to feed four and keep up with them but I too will learn. I will try to post new pictures as soon as I catch my breath!!

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