Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby it's cold outside

This past weekend we had my niece and nephew stay with us.  It has been awhile since we have had the sound of little feet running through the house.  The kind of feet that think stairs provide hours of fun.

It was also a weekend of snow.  The big kids could not get enough of the cold and snow.  I am much more of a flip flop and sunblock girl and never ready for those five sets of winter clothes that seemed to come out so soon this year.  This little one stayed in with me for our own special time of playing and talking.

When I cleaned today I saw those little finger prints on my back door. I thought about cleaning them, but they will stay a little while, as I remember how much I love those little feet and hands  leaving their marks on our home!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kitchen Time

Last weekend it was time to spend time together baking.  A special dessert was in order for some cousins birthday celebrations. It has been awhile since we have all been together and cooked, but with the holidays coming there will be more of this on the calendar!

A spider web was the chosen project.  Even though it wasn't exactly how our minds had thought it would be, it worked and was fun!

I am very grateful for these children in my lives and the making of memories.  I love these days of simple fun.  Sometimes it feels a little crazy, but when I look back I love to remember how we all worked together and created!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prichard Six Plus One

November is the month to think about adoption.  About so many kids in our world just needing a family to love them unconditionally.  Our family has been blessed by adoption in so many ways. Here  is our story that was written for our adoption agency of AAC for their blog.
Adoption for us would start with a television show on girls in China.  A phone call to a very close friend would confirm that this would be a great adventure for my husband and I to take.  My heart and my mind were on a journey, one that would bring a daughter home to us after having two biological children. The country was China, but plans change and Korea was the country chosen.  We waited as patiently as we could, and the day would come that we would see her little face on our computer as quickly as the dial up internet would allow.  I remember the tears and the excitement we had that day.  She would come home in a very short while and was one of the three most beautiful babies my eyes had ever seen.  

As life has it the journey would not be complete. It wasn't long before my heart once again felt that tugging feeling.  My heart may, at the time, have been the only one feeling that but being married to a good man left me with hope that he would change his mind.  He put some rules down on this next adoption thinking it would take me awhile to find another baby that would fit his ideas, but it was only a matter of days until I saw my little boy in China.  I knew in an instant that he would be ours and when my husband came home it only took him a moment to also realize this angel would be our son.  I didn't get to travel to China as our house was now full of little ones.  This always broke my heart, but I knew my husband and parents would bring our little boy home to me.

Fast forward some years and life is full of adventures with our four children. Adoption has not always been an easy path, it is hard to grasp just how much our little ones have lost and how that affects daily life and family.  For this reason I have learned the true meaning of unconditional love and marveled time after time at how my heart can love so fully and completely beyond biology.  I would never trade being their mom for all that I know and feel.  Adoption has changed me for the better and become and huge part of who I am.

As life would have it once again there would be a little nudge in my heart.  I knew this time the wanting another child might not work as this would be a child number five.  I knew I had to be patient and wait until my husband either said yes or no. I knew he truly had to be ok to add another child and had to make up his own mind.  Three weeks later he said the answer was yes.  Yes, to making our family big by today's standards, loud in so many ways, and full of love.  So we are waiting again for me to be called Mom by one more little one.  He will be our baby and waiting for him is so very hard.  Praying and trusting that they day will come that I can travel to Korea and hold him in my arms. Arms that will have to share because not only has my heart been tugged by adoption but each child we have has been changed by adoption.  

So the journey continues as we move from a family of six to seven! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hay time

This past weekend we helped load hay for the coming steers at my parents house.  Note these are iPhone photos but I wanted them on my blog!
All of us worked hard each in their own way!
Riley and I got the outside job which in my opinion is the place to be!

This fall has been so much running keeping up with everyone.  We are blessed that the kids can do activates, but it sure felt good to have everyone in the same place and to be working outside.

I know these days with my parents will not last forever so it feels good to help.  

At the end of the day working you could earn a ride on the tractor!

This young man was my helper, neither of us strong enough to lift a bale after bale by ourselves, but strong enough to work together! Thankful for that!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


October came and went with a blur for this family. This photo comes from the first day in a long time I can remember stillness in our life.  We moved to a different house this past month.  A place with more area to run and ride bikes.  A place that still has a lot of boxes to unpack and a deep desire to make it mine with my style.  Life however has been on fast forward with so much to keep track of.  I miss this space.  I miss writing what is happening with us.  Hoping this week to find a little time to post some of those pictures from a month that was crazy.  Now it is the month of thankfulness and we have so much to be thankful for!  Hoping to focus on that with a deep desire for a little more stillness in our lives!  

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