Monday, September 29, 2008

A Growing Family

Pictures from our weekend getaway

Family GetAway

We just returned from a weekend with my family in the mountains. What beautiful colors to see and appreciate. Between my sisters and I there are 6 kids and it makes for a busy and fun time. They are all getting older and starting to interact as cousins. It is fun to watch and as I am amazed at how we have grown. Riley got to take his first official "big boy" fishing trip and it seems he has the same fishing bug as his Dad, Papa and Uncles. I heard he didn't want to leave when it was time to go. Brianna is more than happy to be with Grandma and actually was very upset when we left because she had ONE more thing to tell Grandma. As for Andy and Katie they have a cousin their age and it is just amazing what three TWO year olds can come up with . We also have our little cousin Sam who at almost one and is blown away by all the activity. Andy has been home three months now. It does seem like we never knew a time without our little man. It always takes a lot for me to mentally prepare for all us to go away for a trip but it was so worth it!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall News

We have heard from Andy's doctor and feel very relieved that Andy's heart seems to be fine. They will keep a watch on it over time but for now there was no hole to create the heart murmur so we can go forward. With those apts behind us we headed into a full weekend of soccer, boy scouts and all that fall activites bring. Brianna played for the first time this weekend and I have to say it was so cute. She spent some time laying on the grass when she wasn't on the field because she was SO tired. Riley graduated to the big kid soccer field and got quite the work out for his first game. It was fun to watch. As for the little ones they had a long morning watching. We are always a novelty when we go somewhere with everyone. I am always so engrossed in the moment of trying to keep track of everyone that we must truly be a site to see!

Soccer and then a little snoozing!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we took the kids and cousin Abby to the pumpkin patch. They were so cute there looking for the perfect pumpkin. The guys were hunting this weekend so lots of Mom's and Grandma time. Today I took Andy for his echogram. We should know more in the next couple of days. That was not an easy adventure with him but we eventually got the pictures they need.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Girls

Andy Surgery Date

After meeting a third doctor we have settled on doctor for Andy and have booked his surgery. He will have surgery on Dec 2nd. They will do his lip and palate all in one surgery. It seems like a long way off but we all are aware of how fast this time will go. We know this will not be an easy surgery but know we can walk this path as many other have. It was a long trip to see the doctor yesterday for Andy and today we had to go to see the pediatrician and restart some of the series of shots. During this visit the doctor told me that she heard a heart murmur and so next week we will head to the hospital to check this out. It did seem at that minute that I was really overwhelmed and tired. Our doctor told me to not to worry that this is pretty common but as a mother I can't help but worry and pray for this little boy whom I love. The other kids have done well esp the little ones who have been to many doctor apt it seems. Brianna worries about Andy's lip and how it is going to be fixed and will it hurt. So we will go forward and see what next week brings.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our first picture of the 6 of us!

We finally have a picture of all 6 of us!! It still amazes me to look at us and see where we were to what we have become!

Riley and Daddy

After 4999 pieces of legos Daddy and Brian finished their lego wind power turbine that they are building not too far from our house. This was huge project but they were both so proud of it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Brianna was such a big girl as she went to her first day of preschool. She was SO excited this morning as she finally got to wear her backpack to school as her brother does. When I dropped her off she was more than ready to go. After school we put the babies down for nap and her and I had some time to "talk" and boy did she. If only I would have thought to record it because it was truly priceless. She told me all the ins and outs of school and her excitement was bubbling out of those cute piggy tails. It is hard for me to believe we are here with our second now in school. It is a reminder of how fast this life goes and how we must treasure these "talks " that are happening now!

Brianna Starts Preschool

Monday, September 1, 2008

Proud fisherwoman

Brian took the big kids fishing today. Brianna was the lucky one today and was SO proud of her fish. Sweetly she agreed to share the moment with her brother who didn't have such a good fishing day:)

Abby Wants to Drive

My niece Abby may look scared but really she was tired of that new boy cousin, Andy, being the only who got to drive. They both are extroverts and it showed!!

Grandma Carla and Andy

We took the kids to the Kiddie Rides in town-Andy who usually with his Dad or Papa decided if Grandma would take him on the train he would spend some quality time with her!

3 day weekend

It has been a fun Labor Day weekend. We have done little fun things with the kids and then had some home time to catch up or at least try to:). I have been thinking of Andy being home for 2 months now and how it seems he has always been a part of us. He has become our little truck man and will drag out as many as he can find! We will go to see the other doctor on the 10th of this month. Brian and I then wil decide on a doctor and set an apt for the 1st surgery. I am personally dreading this but know if must be done. So we are probably thinking early this winter is our best guess. Katie and Andy still fight a lot but I did catch them hugging the other day so am hopeful!! Miss Brianna starts preschool this week. She is so excited and will totally eat it up I imagine. As for Riley we are learning the ropes of 1st grade. For the most part he is doing great but we are learning about a little more homework and a little more responsiblity!! Fall is around the corner although I hope it holds off a little so my garden can produce a little more to feed this always hungry bunch in the winter!
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