Thursday, November 6, 2008


Energy is a funny thing with me. I am the person who goes and goes and rarely stops...drives my family crazy. When Andy came to our family I meet my match! The orphanage told us he was the busiest boy they had and they were not kidding! The only time of the day he lays still is when he sleeps and he does that well as his little body recharges! I used to never think "I am tired" and now every once in awhile about 4:30 pm I stop for a minute to think I am tired, but the moment is fast as I resume watching of my four sweet children. Adoption is a path so perfectly designed as these children are not mine by DNA but they are mine by my heart. It is funny how sometimes our personalities can be so much alike! Andy is less than a month away from surgery. This will be an interesting time and those arm restraints, well we all know how he will hate those! Andy has been home for 4 months now and I am amazed how it feels like he has been with us forever...I must run more miles to keep up with him:)


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