Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fathers Day and Surgery

Oh my gosh is it truly June 25th. I meant to post on Fathers Day but today will work also. Father's day was nice and good day for the kids to acknowledge all Brian does for them. Sometimes he is so behind the scenes at work but we have so much to be grateful for. He is a wonderful father, husband, and person. He is the rock and glue that holds us all not so calm people together. We found an activity to do that all 6 of us can participate in! Miniature golf it is. It is funny to watch the little ones golf but they are so cute. So that was our big father's day outing.

Andy has surgery for a circumcision on Monday. A controversial surgery even in this house. My poor baby was very sore and just laid around. So not like him. Today after 3 days he is doing better and acting more like our Andy. I am grateful for that as to see him in more pain just about kills me. My mind is on overload to think about how much he has gone we hope for peace with his body for a long time!


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