Friday, July 31, 2009

Beets, Hail and the VBS

The title basically says what our life has been about this week. Riley and Brianna have attended VBS all week. Very positive week and tonight is the big program! They are so cute sharing their secrets about it that none of us can know until then. As for me I dug my first batch of beets and canned them this week. My first time canning and believe it or not I got it done with all 4 kids! I just love this time of year when our dinner plate consists of mostly things I have grown! As for the Hail there was a horrible hail storm in Pueblo that did some damage to our car but worse than that to many places and crops. Brian said it was the size of golf balls. God always lets us know who is in charge:)


Sharon said...

So impressed you canned!! My mom is/was a big canner and I have never tried...

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