Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mothers Day and catching up

May moving right along so now that I have a moment I am hoping to catch up on our blog.!::)

Mothers Day was a great weekend. My favorite day...growing kids and growing food for them! Mom and Dad came and we got the garden all ready so now just grow and we will eat!
Mother's day was a day that started with the kids very cute and heartwarming gifts from school. To hear from and 8 year old that the thing I do that means the most to him is take him to the that made me cry. Who would have thought. And of course the little ones had their cute little gifts all made with the greatest of love. There is always a part of my heart that says a prayer for the birth mother of our children. How guilty I feel for my loves being their pain on this day.

Now May keeps moving and school will be out soon. We have had weeks of field trips, field day and general end of the year happenings. I think I am ready to have them home and hopefully some days of little happenings.


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