Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I couldn't resist posting this picture of Andy. He has been running around in these glasses the past could of days. Says he is a bad guy in these???? Not so sure about that but nevertheless it makes me laugh when I see him.


Chris and Nicole said...

Hi there. Sorry to bluntly place a comment on one of your topics, but we couldn't finr another way to contact you.
We noticed you've adopted Andy from the SWI in Pingliang, and that you've actually visited the SWI.

We're about to travel to Lanzhou, to be united with our adoptive son next month! Of course we are very eager to learn as much as possible about Pingliang, and about the SWI there.

We hope you don't find us too intrusive, and if so we apologize for that, but if you have any information to share on either Pingliang, or about the SWI, we would be extremely thankful.

If possible, please contact us at chrisennicole (at) hotmail (dot) com.
Thanks in advance!

(PS: your kids are a lovely bunch!)

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