Saturday, December 18, 2010


Happy Holidays to our friends and family,

Wow where has this month gone. It is really fast or I am really slow. Kids are very excited as each day on the advent tree gets open. There are no presents under the tree yet as I am waiting to make sure they stay under there and don't accidently get opened. Lots of cookies have been made so far and many parties have occured. The visit with Santa was funny. Andy was less than impressed that when you ask for a Stinky the Garbage Truck toy and he gives you a bell that it was not worth your time asking. I am pretty sure Mrs Clause did not know how to respond. We are on break now for a total of 19 days. Who's counting well I do love them home but by day 15 or so we will be ready for a schedule again. We had our first snow fall so felt more like Christmas rather than early spring. Kids loved it especially those boys. Girls I have to say spend more time wining our there than playing:) I will try to post more pictures know I have taken a lot!


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