Monday, July 11, 2011


Andrew Xiao Tong loves to be outdoors! He found this "log" as his Dad said to carry around and did it up and down the mountain!

A camping trip would end out vacation week. We would hike to this beautiful waterfall. I remember a day we couldn't all make it to the top...this time the journey was short.

Our four they are quite the hikers. It seems so peaceful on those trails!

Our little girl growing up so fast. This picture is funny because they all commented on how many freckles I have...just goes to show most days I am in makeup:)

Katie showing her adventurous side. Not really her personality but who could resist those big rocks!

Yes Riley is nine, yes he is going into fourth grade but he still loves his Mom. He may not like me posting this picture in time but I couldn't resist. Wasn't it just yesterday that I held this boy who weighed a mere 4 lbs in my he stills my heart!

Camping was family fun and Mom even managed to get a C grade out of the deal. Not really my thing but family time is priceless!


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