Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Family Day for Miss Katie

Six years ago today we saw Miss Katie for the first time.  That day and moment will be forever etched in our minds and hearts.  I loved her while we waited, I loved her the moment I saw her, and I will love her forever!

She has the million dollar smile.  She loves life and all that it holds.  Katie is our happy go lucky child minus that first moment in the morning. She loves her bed:)  She has been so excited for this day!  I know Katie was very loved in Korea. This is a day to say thank you to that special foster Mom in her life. A day to remember a Mom we don't know, but who gave us this beautiful little girl. 

Adoption became a huge part of my soul and heart and it all started with this baby girl. Check out that hair...another memory of trying to make it lay down!!


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