Friday, April 26, 2013

Favorite Friday Photo- A Magical Weekend

A week ago today I was packing and dreaming of a photography workshop weekend. I didn't know what it would hold but I was anxious to get to PA to learn all I could.

Once there the magic would begin. Our teacher and mentor, Lisa, was truly amazing.  She is a talented teacher and we all learned so much.  It was a group of women who all came from different places and yet we all blended well and created friendships that will last long after our time together.

Saturday was filled with models of different ages.  The young ballerina caught my eye. She represented one of my passions in life.  This beautiful nine year old touched my heart. She couldn't wait to do this for us!  It was her first time modeling for all those photographers!

I have spent the week looking at different perspectives of my photography as I dream of where it may go.  I didn't have time this week to edit all the models but Sunday's post will bring the rest.  They all were so fun to shoot.

I was nervous what last weekend would bring and now I have already told Brian I will go back one day!  It was so much fun! Thank you to Lisa for all your hard work and thank you to all the women who attended with through the lens is looking different already!

(More wonderful photos on Sunday!)

Look at Lisa's blog for all the photos from very talented photographers!

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Teri, I am so glad you made the trip to PA!!! It was wonderful to meet you in person after all these years!!! You were exactly what I expected...... so super sweet and friendly!!! I loved spending time with you, just wish we would have had a longer weekend.... it went too fast!!!

Your photos look great and I am so proud of you!!! You have come a long way girl!!! keep up the great work!! And thank you for kind words!



Pride In Photos Beauty said...

You are very blessed indeed to have experienced this event with Lisa. Your photos are beautiful!

tiarastantrums said...


amy said...

Your photos are stunning Teri! I loved meeting you and sharing this experience together. You are really was a magical weekend :) Thank you for being my running partner and sticking with me. I look forward to seeing how you continue to grow in your photography! I have seen a change in your photos throughout our classes together and know you will continue to shine! Happy Friday! amy

Diane said...

Teri, you are an amazing photographer and I have feel so blessed to have shared this wonderful weekend with you! It was extra special to have you as a "traveling companion" and hope we can do it again soon:) You are so sweet and genuine, just has I knew you would be and look forward to our continuing photography journeys and friendship:)
God Bless,

...melody... said...

Your ballerina photos are stunning! :)

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