Sunday, June 15, 2014

Celebrating Father's Day Now and Six Years Ago

Today we celebrated Father's Day and Andy's Gotcha Day.  Six years ago Brian became a Dad one more time as Andrew came into our life.  He changed us all in so many ways and stole our hearts. Brian has always been an amazing Dad to our kids and cares for them in so many ways. 
This is from our camping trip this week.  This little man will have surgery again this week.  It will be a trying time for sure but I pray we will be able to manage his pain.  Then we will need to figure out ways to keep him still which will be a challenge in itself.

It has been a long time since  I have blogged. I miss it and I miss keeping this journal for our family.  Life has been nonstop for awhile and full of changes. Some which my heart has had trouble accepting but it is time to head back to this blog. A place for my beloved photos and the story of our life!


Meaghanmc said...

Good luck Andy! We're rooting for you! Cleft strong
Meaghan and Zeb

Meaghanmc said...

Happy Father's Day, Brian !

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