Sunday, November 2, 2014


October came and went with a blur for this family. This photo comes from the first day in a long time I can remember stillness in our life.  We moved to a different house this past month.  A place with more area to run and ride bikes.  A place that still has a lot of boxes to unpack and a deep desire to make it mine with my style.  Life however has been on fast forward with so much to keep track of.  I miss this space.  I miss writing what is happening with us.  Hoping this week to find a little time to post some of those pictures from a month that was crazy.  Now it is the month of thankfulness and we have so much to be thankful for!  Hoping to focus on that with a deep desire for a little more stillness in our lives!  


quilt'n-mama said...

Praying for a peaceful month for you to get settled. Love this pic of Andy! I will catch up with you soon friend, I feel a bit the same.

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