Friday, March 6, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday!

Thirteen years ago at almost this exact time we welcomed our new baby boy into the world and added the names Mom and Dad to our list of titles.  He changed our world and brought with it the love of a child so unlike any other love I had ever known.  Today he is officially a teenager.  He is starting to have his own set of wings.  

There are days when it is hard to let go as he finds his way, but mostly we are proud of the man he is becoming. I remember the cute way he talked at four and how I cried to send him to kindergarden.  I think about what a great big brother he is and how they all look up to him.  I am grateful for each day I am given being his Mom.  He was just a little baby at 4 lbs 4 oz and today he is my height and will look down on me soon.  He taught us that sleep is optional and learning to run and play mandatory.  On this birthday he will hit the slopes, one of his favorite places, and then we will celebrate as a family!

 I love you Riley Lynn!


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