Saturday, July 18, 2015

Meeting someone like me

Every once in awhile in life you meet someone who is like you in so many ways!  Last month we meet my sweet friend Gayly and her awesome kids.  We had meet on line some time ago, but this was our first time of meeting in person.  When I look back on this summer this will surely be one of the most amazing days!

These two boys were from the same region in China.  They had so much in common that at times it seemed unbelievable.  There will be more meetings of these boys and their families.  Andy spent many days after talking about them and feeling a connection that has not been felt before.  
There were many comments about finding a family like ours and sharing similar stories, challenges, and triumphs.  Thank you Gayly for meeting me, it was an amazing day!


quilt'n-mama said...

My sweet friend,
I can not wait until we can get together again... especially these boys!
Nate still talks about Andy!

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