Friday, September 11, 2015

August 365 Project

Still working on my 365 day project.  Love how it makes me think outside the box.
-Trip to a craft show with friends...does life get any better?
-My sweet third grader loving the last days of summer
-A new treasure for my living room...loving it!
-A hug from my eigth that he still gives me hugs
-My garden...hang on don't freeze for a long time
-Canning...thinking of those winter days
-A photo of me...picking time

-My favorite photo from August
-So many kites on the beach this year
-Pool time on vacation
-Apparently I forgot to sunblock my stomach!
-Oh this red truck...LOVE
-My new nine year old and his birthday gift

-Fingernail painting poor tile
-A tea from a friend...homemade!
-My thirteen year old has bigger running shoes than me
-Po...Andy's  best friend
-Pool time!
-Perfect fifth

-Waterworld with all eight cousins
-A view on one of my many drives

-Some carnival rides to celebrate a birthday
-Oh my sweet niece...beautiful blue eyes
-A Happy huge day closer to Korea
-Back to school...summer was too fast
-Soaking up those last rays at the pool

On to September...lots more to come!


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