Sunday, March 19, 2017

Project Life week 4- Quilting

One of my personal goals for 2017 is to learn to quilt at a basic level.  I would start January with some table runners for two special women.  

The first would be for my Mom. She is the person I love to give gifts to the most.  She loves receiving gifts so it works out well. The second was for a woman whose heart is hurting from the loss of a son.  I knew him well in my younger years and her pain hurts me deeply.  A special lunch on this week was the perfect time to give these table runners.

A week with normal in it too such as a fast game of tic tac toe with rocks. A favorite of Mr. Luke's.  

The truth is these are filled with a lot of mistakes.  Lots of learning to do this year.  Life is filled with a lot of learning also and paths to walk on that are hard. My current lesson for the week.


Natalie said...

Your table runners look beautiful! Quilting/sewing is such a rewarding hobby, I think! Great job teaching yourself to make them. I am sure that the recipients will treasure them-- Handmade gifts show love in a unique and personal way!

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