Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter has come and gone! The kids had a great time and were overstimulated for a good three days. They loved all the family we saw and enjoyed all the traditions we have . Andy has his first Easter and his first chance at dying eggs. All I can say is those poor eggs. Many got cracked in the process. Katie was her usual self and very diligent in what she did. Riley and Brianna were the leaders and enjoyed hiding eggs for the little ones also. We have tried to enforce the true meaning and Easter and as they grow they will comprehend this more. For now we let them be kids and all that entails. I have to say today after all the activity this weekend these three kids at home look like they just made it through finals. Talk about worn out. We had snow on Easter. I do think the stores should look hard at the meaning of Easter dresses and add some sleeves for us in Colorado:)


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