Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day Frame

Mothers Day is my favorite day. It is a day that if filled with simple things and does not include the rush that happens with holidays at the end of the year. It is the day that we work on the garden as a family and dream of what it will mean to our family in the near future. As one of my holiday traditions for mothers day I have a frame that captures a picture of Mom and kids as they change each year. This would be my first year with Andy at Mother's Day. This picture proved to be very tricky this year as no one really wanted to sit, or at least not to this person or that or whatever else was bugging them at that moment. We then would give our family a break and try my sisters who were here to visit. That too proved to be not the correct timing apparently. We would eventually get one many hours later, but it once again proved to me, that even though I think I am in control there are always many other hands in the pot at our house. These little angels of mine treated me very well this day with all their little gifts so carefully made. So even if the picture is not perfect in my heart all of my children are perfect to me.


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