Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Another week...more details are presented to my sister. From my point of view it is hopeful that the cancer has not spread. More details will be present next week as another surgery will take place. The road will be long because as a young person they are more aggressive with treatment some which will be less than fun. I believe she will make it and walk away very strong yet as a different person. How could she not?

It is a journey in that I so long for normal conversations. Life changed in one day and with it relationships, outlooks, and that sense of normal we all enjoy and take for granted. I believe this will all come back, but for now it makes my heart hurt and tears come. I have watched my children this past week and have drawn strength for them. Even our oldest doesn't really get it and how lucky are they. That I believe is the greatest gift God gave us as parents is to look in their eyes and see hope and an acceptance of the world around them. What a time to realize this!


Jon and Debbie said...

So true - I have to remember in my prayers to thank God for our health, family and normalcy. We will pray for your strength.

James, Dawn and Family said...

Sounds like there is lots of hope! We will continue to pray for her and your famlies strength, health & full healing!

Sharon said...

Do you know who Louie Giglio is? I just listened to a teaching today that really was helpful to me in light of my mom's illness and so many other things. If your interested let me know and I will give you the link.
Sending hugs your way!

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