Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family!

Tomorrow is the a day of cleaning and cooking...and then the kids ask what is for dinner????

To be thankful for all we have seems like not enough in this day and time. So many people we know are struggling day to day and the realities of hard times are all around us. How does one impress upon young children that we have so many blessing that we need to give from our resources? Kids learn by example and that is our greatest hope for our kids. Tomorrow we will have a table full of food, lots of family to share the day with and many health blessing and answers to prayers at our table. Seems like a lot to take in and yet it makes me want to share more. So enjoy your day our friends as we complete one season and head to the season my children can hardly wait for. Love Teri


Susan said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sharon said...

HI Teri! Thanks for your prayers and comments over the last month. I am happy to be back in bloggy land and catching up with some of my favorite families.

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