Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Prep

We are in full swing of Holiday prep. I have to say at the beginning I am way more enthusiastic than I am now but none the less the kids are here to keep up going. We have many discussions about the real meaning of Christmas but one can not deny the child wonder that is part of the season. Speaking of that we saw the man in red today and the only one who would see him was Andy. Oh how I wished I had a camera. He went up and gave him a huge hug. The girls could not get away soon enough...pretty funny. Brianna thinks writing a letter is the way to go! We have had a lot of snow and cold to set the mood and of course the continuous Christmas music in the house ( that is my love:)). I will post more pictures of the holiday prep soon but pictured below is our darling two little ones dancing just like they saw Mom and Dad. How cute is that! It looks like Halloween but really it is a normal day in our house!


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